Sunday, May 24, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1988 - Augustus Clarke Productions

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomixes 1988. Crucial, uptempo collection of mainly hard-hitting dancehall tunes. All but one of these tunes came out of Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke's Music Works. Riddim like Rumours and Mind Yu Dis - vocal and dubwise. Clarke's re-entry into the dancehall scene produced what was unquestionably the freshest, richest, biggest sound to come outta yard since Jammys. Clarke released upfront dancehall hits but also combined dancehall and lovers rock to great effect. Wicked raggamuffin dub versions!

 Continuous mix. 71 minutes.

Bonus 30 minute excursions pon the Rumours and Manners riddims with Lady G, The Mighty Diamonds, Josie Wales, Dean Fraser, Gregory Isaacs, Ken Boothe, Home T, Hopeton Lindo, Dennis Creary, Robbie Lyn, Johnny Osbourne, JC Lodge, Rebel Rockers, Jackie Mittoo and Nadine Sutherland.


  1. hi my friend how's things ? looking forward to some more uploads LOL keep the vibes flowing respect to you man


  2. big up spar. i've been realbusy with work & family stuff. been preparing a set to play out next week too so haven't had much time for online stuff. but hold the faith, more uploads soon come.

    in the meantime have u checked standing firm?

    thanks man

  3. you are the man too much work no play ???LOL




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