Friday, December 13, 2013

Chezidek - The Order of Melchezidek (Jahsolidrock LP 2013) Review

Chezidek - Order of Melchezidek
Jahsolidrock Records 2013 

Dutch roots masters Jahsolidrock have a canny knack of getting the best out of singers over a full album as seen on previous LPs by Chezidek (Judgement Time, 2010), Earl 16, Apple Gabriel and Brindley Forde. Chezidek's 2nd set on the label, The Order Of Melchezidek, is a true roots classic, rating alongside his Inna Di Road for Massive B back in 2008 and is as good a vocal LP as I've heard in a long time. Positive, irie humanity vibes throughout. Its the roots album of the year for me. The song Hail Up the Roots features on Roots N Culture 2013 (above post) but preview the whole album on soundcloud: Chezidek Album mix by DJ L.Slinga