Sunday, May 17, 2015

Richie Spice - Culture Mixtape 2008

Wha the World Gone To... Strictly conscious, positive vibes from St. Andrews rootsman Richie Spice 1998-2008. His first hit, Earth A Run Red on the Sweet River Rock (1998), took a few years to register. Its sunny melodies and solid rootsiness kinda worked its way into the consciousness, eventually being recognised as a sufferers classic with its apocalyptic world visions from the street. This essential theme is returned to with strings of tunes over the years; World Is Troubled, 9-1-1, Trouble Deh Abroad, World Is A Cycle, Upside Down, Wha The World Gone To, Trouble In The World, World Crisis, Youths Are So Cold, Blood Again and plenty others... One of the top conscious artists of this millennium. Na na na na na na naaa!

BIG riddim like Jah Love, Truth & Rights, World Jam, Giddimani, Passion, Righteous Youths, First Born, Real Rock, None A Jah Jah Children, 5th Element, Ali Baba,... Combination and version sharing with Chuck Fender, Jah Mason, Choppa Chop, King Kong, Chezidek, Anthony B, DYCR, Fantan Mojah, Lutan Fyah, Capleton, Perfect, Little Hero, Jah Cure, Chrisinti, Turbulence, Major Chris, Luciano, Bascom X, Etana and Bonner brothers Spanner Banner & Pliers. 54 tracks, 26 riddim, 24 producers...

Continuous mix. 110 minutes. Repost...


  1. again my friend some wicked tunes my mates are driving me mad for more LOL,if you can can you put up for me----- travellers east new roots 97 mix tape... burnin hot 06 series

    jah bless

    1. travel east's up :D when you say burning hot do you mean burning flame - lovers rock 2009?

  2. thank you boss your the best...burnin hot roots reggae one drop riddim 4 riddim excursion & 6 riddim 2 cds Friday 3rd dec 2010 does this help ? I am going back to when you first uploaded in 2009 & am thinking of asking you to re up from there as & when you can would this be ok ?

    jah bless

  3. sorry my friend I sent my reply before I finished can you re.up year to year 89 ?



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