Friday, January 30, 2015

Linval Thompson Meets Scientist Mixtape: Thompson Roots-Dancehall Productions

Linval Thompson Meets Scientist Mixtape
Riddim mix focusing on Linval Thompson's mighty roots & dancehall productions. Backing tracks mainly from the Roots Radics with a few by the Revolutionaries and date from 1979 to 1983 though some fresh vocal cuts were voiced around 2000 by the likes of Yami Bolo, Junior Reid & King Kong. The amazing energy and creativity of the period is reflected in the general heaviness of the music and the predominance of original rhythms used. Only one or two 'staple riddims' feature here. Although Linval shared the same rhythm section as Junjo Lawes and some of the same riddims his sound could hardly be more different, less polished with little use of horns creating a sparser, deeper vibe.

Thompson produced several fine Scientist lps in the early 80s; Scientist In Dub Vol. 1, Meets The Space Invaders, Dub Landing 1 & 2, Encounters Pac Man... These albums provide most of the dubs here which are paired up when possible with their respective vocal & deejay versions, finally making sense of some of those mystery Scientist dubs.

Part 1 starts with some tuff rootsy material, alternating between the Radics and Revolutionaries but the dancehall vibes soon take hold! Riddim like the Babylonian, Unfaithful Children, Jumping For Jah, Life Table (features the rare alternative take of Horace Andy's Spying Glass), Live In Love, Mr Officer, A Message, Dreadlocks Nah Run, Do You Remember, Follow Fashion, Pick Up The Pieces, Can't Stop Us Now, Too Poor, Rainy Days, Terrorists In The City, Rub-A-Dub Session, Everyday Rain.and a personal favorite of mine Ketch A Fire/Poor & Humble

 Part 2. Heavyweight dancehall business with the Roots Radics. Riddim like I'm A Dreadlocks, Things Couldn't Be The Same, We Must Unite, Don't Worry, Waan Come, Rootsman Skanking, Holding On To My Girlfriend, Ringcraft, Sensi Party, Jailhouse, Rise In The Strength Of Jah, two Freddie Mcgreggor classics Short Man & Peaceful Man, Eek-a-Mouse's mournful Struggle and the sound system killing Curfew. Money Problem is a Revolutionaries rhythm track with cuts by Wayne Jarrett & Ranking Trevor/Superstar
Continuous mix. Total 3hrs 10. 120+ tracks.
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Special request to Style Scott who was murdered October 2014. The Roots Radics, Creation Rebel & Dub Syndicate sticks man helped revolutionize reggae music with the Radics' stripped-down dancehall rhythm patterns and continuing to push the boundaries with On-U Sound. His drumming is consistently a key element in the Thompson sound here. Seriously one of the greats... RIP

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection - Winter 1981-82

Continuing re-upping the series. Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection - Winter 1981-82. The mighty Roots Radics rule the dancehall into '82... Vocal and dubwise, singers & deejays. Rhythm track like Holding Onto My Girlfriend and Rise In The Strength Of Jah, from from Linval Thompson. Hey Mr. Babylon, Ba Ba Boom, Cuss Cuss, Diamonds & Pearls and the mighty Mad Mad (including Diseases & Boneman Connection), from Junjo Lawes. Also on Vocano is Barringtom Levy's brilliant Tomorrow Is Another Day. Both hits for Junjo by the 10 year old deejay wonder Billy Boyo are also here including the inspiring One Spliff A Day. Al Campbell's lovers rock hit Got To Love You is self-produced. Riddims exclusively by The Roots Radics, engineering and dubs by Scientist and Barnabas. 

Continuous mix. 78 minutes. Repost...