Sunday, January 29, 2012

T-Bone - Enjoy Yourself (Ska-Ville Thailand)

Skaville Thailand. Album from Thailand's long-time ska and reggae stars. This compilation includes hit tunes from across the years... King of Trombone, One Love, Ska Lover, Bongoman, Ska Rider... Mostly original material but breaks into familiar riddims like Train to Skaville and The Whip. BIG horn section. As the title suggests, mostly fun, hi-tempo party vibes here with some chilled-out rootsy reggae tunes. In Thai and English. T-bone still play regularly around Thailand and beyond. They were at Glastonbury and Womad in 2007 and play often at the Saxaphone Club, Victory Monument, Bangkok (can't believe the place is still going after all these years). They have recently worked with veteran rootsman Little Roy in both Thailand and JA.

Ed Carabao - Don't Cry: The Story of the Disposessed

Ed Carabao - Don't Cry: The Story of the Disposessed. Reggae album from the Thai pro-democracy protest-singer legend Aed Carabao (Ed), released in 2001 to celebrate 20 years since Bob's passing. Outernational reggae, ska & acoustic songs, sung mainly in Thai with some English. Includes Thai language versions of No Woman No Cry & I Shot the Sherriff, while Aed does his own songs on the Waiting in Vain, Jamming and some original riddim. This is essentially a concept album, exposing the plight of homeless, nationless tribal people in the Tai-Burma diaspora in general and Thailand in particular. Much in the spirit of the Tuff Gong... Also features a lambast against poverty by Pongthep (another legend) and two bonus songs by the full Carabao band from back in 1993. Aed has been a founding member and front man for Carabao since 1980, releasing nearly 100 albums and underground tapes.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kai-Jo Brothers - Reggae Passion 2005

Kai-Jo Brothers - Reggae Passion 2005. Debut album from Thailand's reggae sensation The Kai-Jo Brothers. Sun-drenched, happy, peace & love from Koh Phangan and Bangkok. Vibes like Full Moon Party, Tuk Tuk Breakdown, Tree of Love & Song for Life. Sung in Thai and English. Features Pook 'T-Bone' on guitar and some wicked Thai toasting from deejay Rastafari. All original songs and riddims. Recorded at Dynamic Studio (Thailand). Kai-Jo play regularly in Bangkok and at reggae/rock festivals & beach parties around Thailand.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shake Dem Down - Roots N Culture 1999

Rastaman a Jah Jah earthquake - come to shake dem down... 
Essential roots reggae selections from December 1999. Includes early tunes by Junior Kelly, Natural Black and Norris Man's breakthrough hit Bad Road. UK singjay Sandeeno's dancehall killer Teardown Babylon (Prophesy riddim, Saxon) from 1997 was another I played at death back then... Wicked cuts by Lloyd Brown & Sylvia Tella too...

PT1: Riddim include Bad Road (King of Kings), No More Will I Roam (Kicking), Sabbath Meditation (Flames), King In the Jungle (Harmony House), Free Love (Ffrench), Life Cycle (Xterminator) & Baba Tunde (Henfield). Daweh Congo classic on Prophesy Reveal.

PT2: Some serious riddim like Fade Away (Joe Frazier), Prophecy (Saxon), Zion (Cali Bud), Stealing/Ulterior Motive (Xterminator), Blackman King (Ffrench), Tempo (Flash) & Phillip Smart's amazing Blackboard Jungle. Check out Ninjaman's exceptional reality song Fire Bun Dem from Digital B.

Continuous mix.158 minutes. Repost...

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