Friday, September 16, 2011

EZ Vibes - Reggae & Lovers Rock Hits 2011

Easy Vibes...
Collection of recent reggae and lovers rock selections. Big contributions from Tarrus, Queen Ifrica and one of the leading female vocalists outta Jamaica the past few years, Nikki Burt. Label of the year for me is Penthouse Records. Veteran producer Donovan Germain's output has increased again over the past few years as he continues to attract reggae's biggest names and best musicians into the studio. 

Excursions on the Heavenless and Penthouse's OMG, Don't Look Back, Front Door and Make Ends Meet, Good Thing Going (21st), Big Stage (Penthouse), Danger In Your Face (Xterminator) Holiday Inn (Joe Frazier) and a final lick-over of Front Door by the Cool Ruler himself (Third World Music).

Continuous mix. 159 minutes.
Queen Ifrica is brilliant; her range and depth, deejay, singer, rockstone, chanter.., is exceptional. I saw her onstage with Tony Rebel last month and she stole the show with a storming set, including Below the waist, Genocide, Daddy, Zinc Fence, When Will It... a tru Lioness On the Rise! The Rebel gave a surprisingly lackluster performance, rocking the crowd only at the end with If Jah is Standing By Our Side though they encored well together with a good version of Forever Loving Jah. I'm told by a good friend that they were much the same at Boomtown Fair festival the following weekend..
Preview and buy Queen Ifrica's album Fyah Muma on Flames.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Joy and Sorrow Showcase - Lovers Rock 2008

Joy and Sorrow Showcase - Lovers Rock 2008. Smooth and irie collection of lovers hit tunes and riddim from 2008.

Continuous mix. 154 minutes. Relist...
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

World A Reggae Music - Brotherhood

World A Reggae Music. Vol. 1 - Brotherhood. As a diversion from the usual version excursions on more-or-less-strictly Jamaican riddim tracks, here's a collection of international reggae tunes from around the globe. Reggae came of age as the leading underground music in many countries over the past decade or so. The odd crossover hit aside, after Bob's passing the music had been an essentially Jamaican and Jamaican emigrant 'ting but the growth of reggae scenes in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America has given birth to a genuine worldwide movement. Unity, justice, consciousness and blessed love...
Featuring: Gondwana, Groundation, Bambu Station, Ikahba, Alpha Blondy, Sierra Leone's Refugee All-stars, Senzo, Nasio Fontaine, Alborosie, Martin Jondo, Black Dillinger, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Ed Carabao, Toots Hibbert, Willie Nelson, Clinton Fearon, Rebellion The Recaller, Iriepathie, Al Capone JJ, Ziggi, House Of Riddim, Gentleman, The Wailing Souls, Nucleus Roots and Midnite. Upful reasonings from Ras Bongo Roach.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Relist...
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World a Reggae Music - Jah Works

World a Reggae Music Part 2.More positive roots selections from around the world. One mission; peace and unity....
Featuring: Midnite, P.I. Ray, Babyface, Uwe Banton, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Matisyahu, The Mighty Diamonds, Earl Chinna Smith, Groundation, Bangkok Massive Sound System, Lucky Dube, Gondwana, Steel Pulse, Martin Jondo, Clinton Fearon, Toots Hibbert, Willie Nelson, Kai Jo Band, Rastafari, Ben Harper, Otentikk Street Brothers, Ras Attitude, Matic Horns and Gussie P.
Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Relist...

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World A Reggae Music - Revolution Pacifique

World A Reggae Music Part 3 - La Revolution Pacifique.  Outer-national roots reggae selections from near and far. The 12'' Colourbox version of Pablo & Jacob Miller's Baby I love You So/King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown is a killer! Groundation are at their best on Fourth Dimension, while the new look UB40 come with a rally against war, a welcome return to their roots. A luta Continua...
Featuring: Ziggy Marley, Joshua Alo, Groundation, Apple Gabriel, Burning Spear, Nasio Fontaine, Abijah, Third World, Lucky Dube, Dreadzone, Woody Guthrie, Alpha Blondy & The Solar System, Colourbox, Tony Rankin, Massagana, Lee Perry, UB40, The Melody Makers, Bambu Station, Harley & The Rasta Family, Midnite, Niyorah, Ky Erie and T Bone. Brother Sams sing bout humility...

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Relist...
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World A Reggae Music - Peace & Unity

World A Reggae Music - Peace & Unity. More positive vibrations from north, south, east and west... Good livity on S.O.J.A.'s Open My Eyes and exemplary dub-fusion from Dennis Bovell on Train to Seven Sisters. Job-2-Do keep up the vibes with the MASSIVE Thai reggae hit Do..Do..Do.. Do Ter Tham. The 4th and final part of the international roots reggae series.
Featuring: Lloyd Brown, Soldiers of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.), Abja, Niyorah, Clinton Fearon, Alpha Blondy, The Wailers Band, Groundation, Apple Gabriel, Solo Jah Gunt, Bamjimba, Dennis Bovell, Ossie Dellimore, Gondwana, Ben Harper, The Mystic Revealers, Job-2-Do (จ๊อบ บรรจบ), Stephen Marley, Junior Gong, Inner Circle, Nasio Fontaine, Tiken Jah Fakoly, The Rhythmites, Ga-Pi (กะปี), Martin Jondo, Harley & the Rasta Family and Natural Black.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Relist...
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