Friday, April 26, 2013

Attack Records UK 7'' Selections 1969-73 - Part 1

Attack Records 7'' Selections 1969-73 - Part 1. 48 track vinyl rip mixtape. UK label Attack Records released around 250 reggae singles from 1969 through to 1979 by a number of producers in both Jamaica and the UK.  Part 1 is pretty eclectic and takes in most Attack releases up to the end of 1973. Early reggae, instrumentals, soul covers, soundman boasts and reality songs. Producers include Byron Lee, Laurel Aitkin, Prince Tony Robinson, Tony Brevett, Philligree, Alvin Ranglin, Sidney Crooks, Warwick Lyn, Tommy Cowen, Joel Gibson, Clancy Eccles, Shady Tree, Leslie Kong, Lee Perry, Duke Reid, Lloyd Coxsone, Tony King, Derrick Harriott and Noel Williams.
 Takes in some enduring vocal classics here like This Beautiful Land (Melodians), Be The One (Heptones), Sweet & Dandy (Maytals) and Take It Easy (Reggae Boys). There are some early deejay sides and also some excellent instrumental pieces from the Family Circle group, The Cimarons and The Big L.
 Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Attack Records UK 7'' Vinyl Selection 1970-74 - Part 2

Attack Records UK 7'' Vinyl Selection 1970-74 - Part 2. 47 track vinyl rip mixtape. Part 2 comprises a number of styles, reflecting the various directions the music was taking before the roots became predominant (after 1975). Features early reggae, instrumentals, Lee Perry experimentals, soul covers, roots, nyabinghi and even 'skinhead reggae'. Diverse producers like Alvin Ranglin, Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, Prince Tony Robinson, H. Bowen, Agard & Sidney Crooks, Lloyd Charmers, Duke Reid, Dandy Livingstone, Leslie Kong, Warwick Lyn, D. Anderson, Lloyd Campbell, SBS and Trojan & Philligree from the UK.

Several excellent sides by Sidney, George & Jackie (The Pioneers), Ken Parker and Derrick Morgan. Essential early nyabinghi records from Nyah Earth (1970) and Bongo & Bunny.
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Attack Records UK 7''Vinyl Selections 1970-76 - Part 3

Attack Records 7''Vinyl Collection 1970 - 1976 - Part 3. Vinyl rips. 37 tracks. Part 3 has more of a roots vibe and includes releases from Duke Reid, Sidney Crooks, Prince Tony, Alvin Ranglin, Phil Pratt, Bunny Lee, Jerry Maytal, Harry J, Agard Crooks, D. Brown, K. Drummond, Sonia Pottinger, D. Anderson, Ernie Smith and R. Livingstone. 

Features some great, little known vocal groups like the Starlites, Tidals, Gaytones, Cables, Willows, Thunderball & Tropical  Sunlight. Nuff irie version/dub sides from the GG All-Stars, Love Children & Stud All-stars. Count Prince miller does an amazing reggae version of the insightful mento classic The monkey (Mutabaruka did a wicked cover of it in 2004). Some vital roots songs from Bill Gentles, Lester Lewis & Freddie McKay.
Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DJ Herbal T presents... 90s Star Trail Mix

Star Trail Mix - selected by DJ Herbal T. The next helping from the Vineyard Sound selector, this one a tasty serving of Stuart Bell productions from the 1990s. Bell's Star Trail label put out some of the greatest conscious music of the time and were a leading part of the 'new roots' revolution by the end of 1993 alongside Digital B, Xterminator, Penthouse, JR and countless other labels. Best known for quality relicks of staple dancehall rhythms with a real roots feel Bell also released several great originals, the Burning Bush (Anthony B's revolutionary Fire Pon Rome) & the noble Lift Up Your Head (Everton Blender) being the most successful. He voiced a relatively small number of artists to great effect, Beres Hammond, Garnett Silk, Capleton, Sizzla & Everton Blender in particular, while deejay Anthony B made his name there.

Excursions on some vital riddim: Rumours, General, Full Up, Lift Up Your Head, Please Be True, Should Have Known, Smile, Sleng Teng, Talk About Love, Purify, Tempo, Electric, Callie, Love Me Forever and the kette drum style Burning Bush.
Continuous mix. 65 minutes.
I've added some extra Star Trail vinyl rips on the
Heavy Load, Burning Bush & Stalag to the rar file.