Friday, March 24, 2017

Rock Steady Extravaganza - 1966-68 - Brixton Rat Show on Tilos Radio

Rock Steady Extravaganza
The Brixton Rat Show on Tilosh Radio, broadcasting outta Budapest.

The next six installments of the Tilos Radio History of Jamaican Music programme. Pure vinyl selection from vintage revival enthusiast Brixton Rat's extensive rarities collection. Nuff Studio One, Treasure Isle and Prince Buster with plenty of commentary on musical trends & developments. The show is ongoing with reggae to follow so watch this space...

As we move out of the ska & into the rock steady era from the second half of 1966... The tempo slow right down nicely as more emphasis is given to vocal harmonies & mellow vibes. Some of the finest songs & performances by some of the greatest artists on some of the most crucial rhythm tracks of all time date from this period, laying foundations for the reggae and dancehall styles to follow right to the present day. An unmistakable reggae sound starts to come in during the middle of 1968 (hear show 1968 part 2).

More thanks go out to Mike. Big show, serious selections... Bless.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wild Flower Roots - 7''s & Album Tracks 1974-78

Wild Flower Roots
Two part collection of Richard & Paul Khouri's cultural releases, comprising singles & album tracks from the label's fountation in 1974 to around 1978. Mostly roots and culture selection mix up with some topical & humourous songs.

Part One features a number of long-standing names in the business from back in the days when Treasure Isle, Federal & Studio One were predominant. Man like Ernie Smith, Alton Ellis, The Paragons, Ken Boothe, Pluto Shervington, Tinga Stewart, Lloyd Charmers, Bob Andy, Derrick Harriott & Lord Laro. Artists like these forged the label's identity. Many of the recordings mark these artist's response to the growing popularity of roots music. Productions from Derrick Harriott, Dobby Dobson, Karl Pitterson, Donkey, Ernie Smith & the brilliant Lloyd Charmers, as well as the Khouri brothers. Big Youth deh yah.

The Lord Laro singles Budget Debate/Foreign Press are classic pieces of social commentary over calypso rhythm tracks. His tribute to Count Ossie is also outstanding.

 Part Two sees the emergence on Wild Flower of a new crop of artists and producers and is far heavier with a more classic roots sound. Aside from the aforementioned, producers like Gussie Clarke, Niney, Keith Hudson & Lee Perry (Black Ark era) come to the fore. Some crucial sides from the Meditations, Mighty Diamonds, Ralph Haughton, Earl 16, David Isaacs & Junior Murvin. Deejay sides by Dillinger, Ranking Trevor, Prince Jazzbo & Big Youth. Two amazing tracks from the 1974 Lloyd Charmers LP Peace & Love by Dadawah (Ras Michael). Denroy Morgan & The Black Eagles song Ethiopia was produced by Dadawah.

The attractive cover is from the Opal LP Wildflower Roots
which I picked up incredibly in a 'junk shop' at Front St, Corbridge in rural Nothumberland back in the early 80s for £1... TREASURE FOUND!

Continuous mix. Total 238 minutes.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Vintage Lovers Rock Hits - Wild Flower Label

Vintage lovers rock hits on the Wild Flower label 

Collection of smooth 7'' 45s released by Paul & Richard Khouri in the 1970s. Classic lovers tunes line up with some comic and light-hearted slackness from the likes of Pluto Shervington, Lord Laro, Lovindeer & Charlie Ace, as well as a couple of reggae gospel songs. Big-name Wild Flower regulars like Ken Boothe, Ernie Smith, Marcia Griffiths, Boris Gardiner, Pluto and Lloyd Charmers are joined by a host of lesser known artists. Productions from Lloyd Charmers, Derrick Harriott, Lee Perry and Donkey as well as the Khouri brothers' own works.

A large number of Wild Flower 7s came into my possession a few years ago as well as a couple of irie LPs which i duly ripped so this anthology is built around them. Some of these selections were also released in the UK on the Trojan/Horse imprints. A Wild Flower roots selection soon come...

Continuous mix. 100 minutes.
61 tracks