Friday, April 24, 2015

Late Night Blues - SiamRootsical 7'' & 12'' Vinyl Selections

Late Night Blues - SiamRootsical 7'' & 12'' Vinyl Selections. Another bonafide selection of rips from my collection and some captured back when we used to trade in reggae records. This ya one brings together some great sides from the late 70s into the early 80s and has a definite rub-a-dub flava. Who remember the days of the basement blues? A cellarfull of bass bins, selector, operator and mcs bunched up in the corner, special brew at a pound, the crowd moving while smoke fill the place like a London fog! There was an exhilarating; revolutionary vibe going down in the UK back then - fi real! David Jahson's Raving is a good reflection of the vybz of the time. Some rarities here like the undated, uncredited Ganja War on the Spiderman label (Musicism Alll-Stars?) which has a Black Ark feel to it. TT Scott's Children Of Zion on Cloud and Lion Youth's Chant Inna Dance on Virgo. The Memory Of Justice Band (Cayman Islands) hit Me And My Crew takes a look at forced slum redevelopment. Two good sides from deejay Mikey Jarrett including the brilliant Reggae Music alongside Tony Jackson. This World Love and Hate captures Leroy Smart at his very best.

 Mainly JA & UK productions alongside the sound of Wackies & Clive Hunt outta the US. Features a BIG excursion on the Don Carlos classic Late Night Blues with crucial versions by Cornell Campbell, Ranking Dread and Junior Reid. Both cuts of Icho Candy's signature tune Captain Selassie are here - the Joe Gibbs original on the Shank-I-Shek & the tuffer, essential lick on the Heavenless (Jwyanza). The 7th Extension Band also get on the Shank-I-Shek for the roots-dancehall killer Hard Times. The Revulutionaries come with an interesting track from the Came, Saw, Conquered LP blending 2 riddim - the Heavenless & Sitting And Watching together. Sugar Minott all-time classic Rough Ole Life rides the M16. Lloyd Jones' relick of his Studio 1 hit Rome from Clive Hunt's Ruff & Tuff Showcase LP is a real 80s gem. The B-side of the Gregory Isaacs Night nurse 10'' is a very dubby remix of Material Man. Meanwhile Yellowman calls for Mr. Isaacs' release from GP (coke charges) on the Storm.... Gregory heng on...

Continuous mix. 94 minutes.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1978

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1978. . The original, first instalment of the Year-2-Year mixtape series that spans the years 1978 - 1993. I put these together some years ago to compress some of  the 12'' versions in a collection which had otherwise lasted hours and hours and hours, making them more accessible...  Roots & culture is the order of the day here, split between Ja and UK productions. Yard selection backed by the Revolutionaries. Vocals and dubs inna classic discomix style. Productions from Joseph Hoo Kim, Lloyd Patten, Chris Cracknell, I-Haicideons and Keith Hudson. 

Continuous mix. 77 minutes. Repost...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1979

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1979. Strictly roots & culture and rockers music, mostly outta Channel One and Joe Gibbs. UK roots rocking from Capital Letters. As always nuff vocal, deejay and dub versions..  

CD 1: Riddim like the Lion & Tiger (LinvalThompson), Born For A Purpose & Sitting In The Park (Dr Alimantado), African Love (Jah Bunny) and Satan Army Band (Jammys), The Morwells come with the Heart & Soul, Thief A Man, Sticks Man, Love Me Forever and the Ba Ba Boom. Productions from Prince Jammy, Jah Bunny, Joseph Hoo Kim, Dr. Alimantado, Mickie Scott, Chris Cracknell, Dubmasta and Linval Thompson. Rhythm tracks by The Revolutionaries, Morwells Unlimited, The Rebels and Agrovators.

CD2: Predominantly roots rockers vibes continue alongside the emerging roots-dancehall style with experimentals from Keith Hudson. Riddim like the Jah Love With I & Bad Days Are Coming (Johnny Clarke), Love Won't Come Easy & Black Gun (Rockers), Rockfort Rock (Linval Thompson). Get In The Groove (Mikey Scott), Nah Skin Up & Felt The Strain (Keith Hudson) and Englishman (Volcano). Nyabinghi meditations with the Ethiopian Blood Relatives. Riddims from The Revolutionaries, The Roots Radics and Rockers All-Stars. Engineering/dub mixes by Phillip Robinson, Chinna Smith and Keith Hudson.

Continuous mix. Total 159 minutes. Repost...
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