Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reggae Tape - 1985

Reggae Tape. 1st of a pair of C90 mixes I made originally in 1985 from my record collection (& a good few I'd borrowed from mi idren dem). Mainly recent tunes from around 1983-85, a few earlier. Roots-dancehall & dancehall selections, JA & UK. 84-85 probably marked the end of the Bob Marley-Roots era when many roots stars enjoyed a last spell in the spotlight - alongside dancehall artists & producers - before digital dancehall emerged to shake up the whole scene. Rerecorded both mixes as the tape sound quality had decayed with time and use. I've tightened them up a bit and thrown down a couple of extra dub versions, otherwise leaving them as they were.

Riddim like the Unmetered Taxi, World A Music/World Jam & Fit You Haffi Fit (Taxi), Jogging (Tuff Gong), Don't Mess With Jill (Radic), To The Foundation & Let Off Sup'm (Music Works), Nice Time (Lion of Judah), In The Future & Junk Food (Alligator), Play Girl (Jahmani), Johnny B Goode (Word Sound & Power), One Draw (Shanachie), Shame & Scandal (Greensleeves), Heavenless (Power House & Fashion), Revolution (Time 1) and Faith Can Move Mountains (Twinkle).

Continuous mix. 90 minutes.