Thursday, May 12, 2016

Play Me Some Roots Rock Reggae 2011

Play Me Some Roots Rock Reggae. More conscious roots music for 2011 from Yard and Broad. More cruciality from Joggo, Mojo Morgan and Tarrus Riley. Perfect responds to sentencing in Miami with Hold On Buju. Another highlight is Rasta Chant by Jah Over Evil (J.O.E.) - formerly Lil' Joe, recorded shortly before his untimely death from a brain aneurism...RIP. Jahson Ites brings the EZ vibe all the way from Tonasket, Washington.

Riddim like Gorilla (Necessary Mayhem), Nyabinghi (Bombrush), Box Guitar (Tiger), Delly Ranks' Saudi Arabia (Pure Music), Fuss & Fight (John John) I-Love (Rootsdown) and the essential Prisonbreak from Bassrunner.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Brentford Road Roots Part 2 - Studio One

Brentford Road Roots Selections Part Two.
Vocal - deejay - dubwize... Coxsone Dodd kept up with all the musical trends of the time and recorded some devastating roots rhythms right through the 70s into the 80s.
Riddim like the Drum Song, Rocking Time, Satta Masagana, Mean Girl, Conquer Me, Something On My Mind, Door Peep, Heptones Gonna Fight and the excellent Take A Ride/Truth and Rights (both cuts here). All killers. Rare sides from Winston Francis, George Allen, Linval (Linton) Cooper, the Jay Tees and deejay Jah Scotchie.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Thanks again to SELECTOR BRIXTON RAT in Budapest
for so many wicked & hard to find vinyl rips.. Respect mi lion...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Studio One 70s & 80s roots reggae
vinyl mix.
Excursions on timeless, original riddim like Burning Spear's Joe Frazier, Prince Lincoln's  
True Experience, The Royals' Pick Up The Pieces, Ballistic Affair, Throw Me Corn, Is It Because I'm Black and The Abyssinians' mighty Declaration Of Rights. Some great rareities like Horace Andy's Illiteracy, The Willows' Send Another Moses and Lloyd Forrest's crucial Where Its At.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.
Thanks again to SELECTOR BRIXTON RAT in Budapest
for some great vinyl rips.. Respect every time...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Holding A Tight Ship - Roots Reggae 2011

Renewing links on some of my older mixtapes...
Sailing A Tight Ship 2011.Collection of new releases outta Jamaica and beyond. Strictly Roots N Culture... Riddim like Ghetto Youths' Jah Army, Backstabbers (Oneness), Skateland Killer (Maximum Sound), Jaguar (Weedy G), Bush Doctor (Penthouse) and the essential Captain from Yard Vybz, the leading version of which marks a major comeback for Wayne Marshall - a powerful reality tour-de-force... Captain Sinbad also makes a surprise return (and in fine form!) with Worldwide Rebellion. The 25th anniversary of the death of Peter Tosh is marked with tributes from Anthony B and Bushman. Micheal Rose & Capleton revisit the 1985 Black Uhuru anthem, Solidarity (Thriller). Turbulence still deh ya and Stephen Marley shines.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Repost...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

King David Style - Kaleidoscope Hi-Fi meets Timeless Reggae Show

Kaleidoscope Hi-Fi
Live session at the New Beehive Bradford March 2016.
A Reggae Springtime Special. Kaleidoscope hosted guest selector 
King David outta Sheffield and it was pure niceness when he brought his  
Timeless Reggae Show vybz to Bradford for the first time! Strictly 7'' pre-release - tune after tune - riddim pon riddim. 

Selectors Spaceport7, JarrettMC & Paul Rootsical heat up the place with roots reggae and dancehall. Some real classic revival selections here from JarrettMC. Give thanks...

 Nuff I-preciation to David & Jarrett...
- blessed love -

Saturday, April 16, 2016

อีสาร - ทานตะวัน ๒๕๔o - Isaan - Than Tawan 2540

ทานตะวัน - อีสาน (๒๕๔๐) Isaan - Thantawan 1997.
ปริพนธ์ 'ไฝ่' วัฌนช่า - วซินะกร 'โอ๊ะ' จริยไพบูลย์ -วัชราภรณ์ 'ตั้ว' เทพพงษ์
ชุดเพลงเพื่อชีวิตที่หายากจริงๆ อัดออกจากเทปเก่าๆ ของเรา... คูณภาพเสียง - พ่อใช้ได้... เพลงบ้านนอก เรื่องสิ่งแวดล้อมธรรมชาติ... ดีๆ เย็นๆ สบายๆ ตั้ง 12 เพลงฉบับนี้
Little known and hard to find album from Isaan, a Thai 'songs for life' group. Than Tawan (Sunflower) has 12 easy going Thai country style songs with predominantly rural and environmental themes Its long been a favorite of ours. Taken from the original cassette tape.
Thanks and respect to Fai and all the band, love the music...
68MB 192kbps Repost...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Wailers & Associates - R&B, Gospel & Soul Collection - Studio One

The Wailers & Associates - R&B, Gospel & Soul Collection
Selection of Wailers and other related sides recorded mainly from 1964 to 1966. Features both covers of popular US hits and original compositions, all but a very few produced by Coxsone Dodd.

Tracks from the original Wailing Wailers - Bob Marley, Bunny Livingstone, Peter Tosh & Junior Braithwaite (until he left the group in 1964) - and collaborations between Bunny & Peter from when Bob also gone a foriegn and various solo efforts. Rita Anderson & The Soulettes and Marcia Griffiths tracks from Studio One with and without various members of the Wailers, including some duets with crooner Tony Gregory. Also included here are tunes by the late, great Jackie Opel with the Wailers doing backing vocals. One contemporary Judy Mowatt & The Gaylettes soul tune is featured to round things off though this is on Merritone and not a Coxsone Dodd production.

Wailers' gospel recordings on Tabernacle Records marked yet another side of their work with CS Dodd. Rare sides like Satan & the mento style Why Stay So Far From God as The Trying Brothers, a collaboration with Nora Dean & The Soul Sisters as the Soul Harmonisers and a Bob & The Spiritual Sisters song Let The Lord Be Seen In Me are all sublime.

Rita Marley really stands out here for the quality of her performances and her choice of material - an obvious great talent in her own right. 

No ska, no reggae here. Strictly R&B, Soul, Gospel and Doo Wop selections.

CD 1

CD 2

Continuous mix. Total 102 minutes - 164MB.

Thanks again to Mikey in Budapest for many of these great Coxsone rips. 
Blessed love.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Big Up Xterminator 1999 - Massive R at the Control Tower

Big Up Xterminator Mix - Massive R at the Control Tower. Dub-heavy mix of some of the biggest tunes out of phillip Burrell's Xterminator camp 1994-99, put together by selector Massive R. Riddim like Sweep Over My Soul, Babylon Cowboy, Repatriation, General and Ulterior Motive, voiced by Sizzla, Luciano, Ras Shiloh, Mikey General, Louie Culture, Beres Hammond and Al Campbell. Wicked dubs from Soldjie... Nuff respect Massive!!

Continuous mix. 78 minutes.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jah Is Love Riddim Mix - Xterminator 2005
Jah Is Love riddim mix - Xterminator 2005
Turbulence - Jah Is Love
Sizzla - As a Friend
Chezidek - Night and Day 
Abijah - Keep Outta Babylon

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Slow Whine Selections 2009 - Lovers Rock Grooves

Smooth lovers rock selection from January 2009.

Irie excursions on the Chi Chi Bud, Nylon, Guardian Angel, Doctor's Darling/Night Nurse, To Love Somebody, No Goodbyes and more... Some great tunes from Roger Robin, Alaine, Marcia Griffiths, Richie Spice & Tarrus Riley.

Continuous mix: total 158 minutes. Repost...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Early Roots Reggae 1968-72

 One of my old roots reggae/rocksteady mixes reloaded... Big up Reggaesoullover...

 Early Roots Reggae 1968-72. Collection of reality songs from the late ska era, through rocksteady, to the beginnings of reggae. Led by the likes of Count Ossie, Don Drummond, Joe Higgs and Alton Ellis (and many rasta musicians) and finding a home at Brentford Road - Studio One, influences from the Kingston Rasta communities like Back a Wall, Caribbean political awakenings and social awareness was increasingly reflected in the music. The strident optimism of independence time ska soon turned to despondance and lyrics began to focus more on everyday living conditions, while the music became more home-grown, less relient on US influences and looked again to Africa for inspiration. Themes like poverty, inequality and justice were increasingly finding public expression in the music, laying the foundations of the 70s roots era to follow.

Continuous mix. Total 157 minutes. Repost...
-download cd1-
-download cd2-

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Best of Hubert Lee Mix 1972-85

 The Very Best of Hubert Lee Siamrootsical vinyl rips mix.
I bought a large number of Hubert Lee records as part of several reggae job lots a few years ago and soon noticed that they had real quality and charm. I'd previously never heard of this singer, initially confusing him with Hubert Porter of mento fame. Hubert Lee was best known in the 1970s with some excellent tunes, first with Prince Tony, Randys, Bob Mack & Chin's and later with Coxsone Dodd at Studio 1. His vocal style has deep soul and country influences and he sounds at times like a Jamaican Buddy Holly. Good mix of covers and original tracks here with a smattering of reality songs. Perhaps his most enduring hit was Pressure & Slide (Mr DC) though other classics like High School Dance, Hey Little Girl & Pen In Hand are perhaps even better. Covers like Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue,  the Mamas & Papas' Dedicated to the One I Love, Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, Folk Brothers' Oh Carolina Al Green's God Is Standing By and plenty more... Cameos from Jah Woosh, Dennis Alcapone, Jim Brown (Jim Nastic), The Mighty Hombres, Rhuben Alexander & Lester Stirling and two killer collaborations with the Clarendonians.


Continuous mix. 82 minutes.
Thanks to Mikey for most of the Studio 1 & Bongo Man rips. 
Keep the revival foundation selection playing inna Hungary lion. Nuff respect.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mento LP: The Falconaires - Falcondip Souvenir Album 1960

The Falconaires - Falcondip Souvenir Album.
 RCA Records from about 1960. 

This excellent mento record was a surprise aquisition along with a large joblot of reggae 12s. Despite the packaging which promotes only the hotel - the sleeve doesn't show the band or even mention their name (that's on the label at least) - this is quality rural mento music.
14 tracks of mainly traditional folk songs together with some original compositions. Includes classics like Penny Reel, Calabash, Hill & Gully Rider, John Tom...

This relatively small (53 rooms) Ocho Rios hotel opened in 1958 but was re-named in the mid-60s as the Island Inn.

''Many of the releases from mento's golden-age were targeted to tourists. This continued into the 1960s, with most (but not all) mento LP releases having strong tie-ins with the hotel where the band performed. Not only did the jackets celebrate the hotel (often to a greater degree than the band), but judging by the large number of surviving autographed LPs from this decade, the LP was sold at the hotel as well. This practice continues as today's mento bands performing at hotels typically have a CDR for sale.
These hotel LPs span the rural, jazz and folk styles''.

''A very good middle period hotel LP.  
Rural lineup, albeit with an electric rhythm guitar, including some real good banjo playing, ukulele banjo and fine vocals with more and one lead singer and some high pitched wordless throat singing and mouth trumpet that accents a few songs''.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Look A Solution

Reality 2008 - Look A Solution.Staying with he reposts of older mixes... One-drop roots mix from 2008. Must find a better way... Nu-roots artists sing out. Some ruff Jukeboxx productions. Nuff version.. dubwize...

CD One: Riddim like: Nylon (Jukeboxx), Zion Way (VIS), The Solution (Big League), Journey (Danger Zone), Oscillator (Jukeboxx), Paradise (357), Rub A Dub (No Doubt). Capleton rip up a storm on People Want Change. Culture and Anthony B revisit the Two Sevens Clash.

Cd Two: Riddim: Do Good (Tads), Drop It (No Doubt), Old Pirate - Redemption Song (Annex), Alarm Clock (Lustre Kings), Every Tongue Shall Tell (King Judah). I-Wayne sing Free The People over both Promised Land & Satta. Classic 90s D. Brown on Clive Hunt's Rope In and Techniques' Just Friends. Concludes with Garnett Silk's evergreen Love Is The Answer (extended mix) on the Unchained.

Continuous mix.158 minutes. Repost

Thursday, March 3, 2016

King David Style - Timeless Reggae Show meets Kaleidoscope Hi-Fi 11 March

Kaleidoscope Hi-Fi
are pleased to present...


Outta the Steel City selector & GLAMRADIO UK radio host
King David
brings the timeless reggae vibes to Bradford
spinning nuff upfront irie reggae & dancehall vinyl selection from across the years in him own style

MARCH 11th  9-LATE
Venue Details
New Beehive Inn

More vybz on the night from 
Kaleidoscope Hi-Fi

Listen to TRS live @ Shambala Festival 2015
TRS on Soundcloud

Find us on Facebook: Kaleidoscopehifi
Twitter: @Siamrootsical   @Spaceport7

For info/bookings call Iain 07473 090930

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Roots I Cally - Live Session on Kaleidoscope Hi-Fi Jan 2016

Paul Rootsical sets on KALEIDOSCOPE HI-FI from the WINTERTIME MASSIVE dance @ the New Beehive, Bradford January 2016. Holding the vybz before and after special guest headliners for the night INSPIRATIONAL SOUNDS & the DUBLAB CREW (Peter, Dan-I, Bo General & Richie Ranks). The night was a real success with great crowds and nuff irie vibrations... Respect due to the Dublab family every time - Bradford Dub Defenders for time! 

Typical SiamRootsical riddim-based set from across the decades with plenty fresh selections. Excursions on the FADE AWAY, NO 1 STATION, REGGAEVILLE, TENEMENT YARD,  

Special thanks go out to RICHIE RANKS.. a real pleasure to play with u spar.
Lyrically strong. BlessUp.

Ruffer Selections 2008 - Dancehall Bashment & Reggae Hits

Ruffer Selections... Reggae, one-drop, bashment and ragga dancehall mixtape from January 2008. The tempo never let off.... Includes the Dancehall Queen remix and Natty King & Tappa Zukie's Revolution Refix '08.

CD1: Includes excursions on the Shoot Out (John John), Taxi (Gargamel), Baltimore (Don Carleon), Answer (Ghetto Youths), Statement (JukeBoxx), Gangsta Rock (Birchill), Lucky 7 & Chinkuzi (South Rakkas). Features Morgan Heritage hit Brooklyn Jamaica and Busy Signal's breakthrough Born and Grow.

CD2: Tempo nah cease... it just increase.... Riddim like: Church Heathen (Big Yard), Three Blind Mice (Gargamel), Airwaves (Firelinks), Sleng Teng (Power Stone), 85 (Mad House), The Mission (Baby G), Cuss Cuss (Massive B & Ranking Joe), Bam Bam/Murder She Wrote '05 (Taxi), Bad Dog (Black Shadow) and the crucial Come Around/Last War megamix (Massive B).

Continuous mix. 157 minutes total. Repost...
-download cd1-
-download cd2-

Monday, February 29, 2016

Rootsman Roundup 2003

Rootsman Roundup 2003. Conscious one-drop hits mixtape from 2003.

Part 1: Excursions on Xterminator's Real Rock and Jailhouse Ram riddims and a deadly cut of Promise Land by Reggae Central. Some massive hits like VC's By His Deeds, Richie Spice's Earth a Run Red, Bounty Killer/Rickie Stephens' Outcry and conscious artists come together for the powerful Peace Cry (Jamdown).

Part 2: Features two stints on the Heathen (B.I.G.), and a mix on the Battlefield (Cultural Warriors). Frankie Paul visits Promise Land

Continuous mix. 157 minutes. Repost...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rootsman Roundup 2004

Rootsman Roundup 2004 - Part One. Roots & reality mix. Newer artists line up alongside the veterans.

CD1: Riddim like the Cuss Cuss (Massive B), Ganja Farmer (Annex), Mineral (Star Trail), Sun Is Shining (Big League) Doctors Darling/Night Nurse (Germaican), Superior (Pow Pow) and Bandolero (One Love).

CD2: Riddim like the Good Times (Naciamaj), Controversy / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (New York Ents.), Bushfire (All Access), Dub Bless (Farmland),Maroon (Down Sound) and more versions of Big League's Sun Is Shining, including Richie Spice & Chuck Fender's classic Freedom.

Continuous mix. Total 159 minutes. Repost...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Black Roots LP - Son Of Man (Soulbeat/Nubian Records) out now..

Black Roots - Son Of Man (Soulbeat/Nubian Records LP)

Black Roots were one of my favorite bands back in the mid-80s. The original lps were real classics and they were stunning live, with several members sharing lead vocals. When they played Newcastle in '86 (supported by King Volts) the Riverside Club rocked to the foundations - one of the best nights there ever. So the news that they'd reformed in 2012 came as a welcome surprise. Son of Man is the third studio set since they came back together (7th studio album all told) and leads on nicely from Ghetto Feel (2014). A strong set of conscious reality songs with typically melodic and warm live roots rhythm tracks and a crisp, no-nonsense horn section (Winston Rose, Henry ‘Matic Horns’ Tenyue & Patrick Anthony Tenyue). Their best album in 30 years.
A who you son of man, where is your heart....
Preview tracks from Son of Man below.  

01. Son of Man
02. War Zone
03. All Sing the Song Key
04. One Ebony Girl
05. Prevention
06. Guess Who
07. Wake Up
08. Can't Get out of That
09. Trickle Trickle Treat
10. Poor Old Mama


Black Roots first 7'' issue in over 25 years. Title track off the LP with  a vital dub version on the flip. 
Buy mail order from Soulbeats  HERE
(comes with free MP3 download)

Also available on 
Image result for amazon  Image result for google play

Give thanks Alfredo for linking up... Respect.