Sunday, October 13, 2019

Vibes Up! - Culture Mix 2019

Fresh Roots & Culture selection 2019
with a Joseph Hill dedication

Continuous mix 2 hours

Rewind Show on 11 Oct. 2019
Back in a classic siamroots style
Contemporary conscious nu-roots one-drop rhythm track

Riddim like: HOLD ON TO MY ROOTZ(Larger Than Life), ROOTS STEPPER (Lion Twin), ROYAL STEP (Maximum Sound), GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER (VP & Spider Web), BLACK BIRD (Baco Records), ZIONS GATE & POOR & NEEDY (Jahsolidrock), ZION ITES (Marshall Neeko), JAH JAH SEE DEM A COME (Baco & Penthouse) and the CARRY BEYOND (Giddimani) a new take on the Abyssinians' WICKED MEN. 

Tracks from the excellent recent Penthouse LP Remembering Joseph 'Culture' Hill.Two David Judah productions on Solardub Records. Check out the single from the new Taj Weekes & Adowa Vibe Up. Giving thanks to all labels and artists for the submissions.


Sunday, October 6, 2019

To The Foundation with Selector Marto Valencia

Enjoy this heavy 70s roots mix by revival specialist
Representing the REGGAE DESCIPLES outta Nairobi, Kenya

They're listening to some serious, mature reggae music there in Kenya, believe mi!

available to stream & download


Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Mighty Diamonds 50 Years Strong

Celebrating an amazing
50 years of the Mighty Diamonds
Its been a real pleasure compiling this tribute selection. One of the greatest ever Jamaican harmony groups, definitely in my all time top three. The biggest hits are all here although, having only 2 hours, so many well crucial songs sadly had to be missed out this time. We managed 67 tracks still...

What's your favorite Diamonds track?

The more I've heard them the more I've come to appreciate what a fine vocalist Tabby Diamond really is and how well arranged the harmonies always are, not to mention the lyrics. Over 40 albums and endless touring - an exceptional effort. I got to see the Diamonds live in the 80s, 90s, 2000s & 2010s --- now forward the 2020s!

Rewind Show on 27 Sept 2019
Continuous mix 2 hours

Mr BT I think this'll be right up your street... bless 
Lukie RootsQC check it out boss   

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dubwise And Otherwise - Eleventh Hour

 Last minute, off-the-cuff session
Rewind Show on 13 Sept 2019

Vocal and nuff dubs. Vintage Aswad riddims Warrior Charge & Rainbow Children revisited. Also some dread old school 90s jungle from Congo Natty
Check out tracks from the brand new King Mas LP, Crown, including a very different interpretation of Queen Majesty with Zosia Mcgregor. 3 massive Pekings roots rhythms - Kenyatta, African Land and No One Can Tell I About Jah together with the original 1970s versions. Excursions on the Your Love/Lady Pullover and Unchained

Continuous mix. 2hrs

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Queens Of Reggae - Songs of Life

 Rewind Show on 6th Sept 2019
Hats off to the high priestesses of contemporary reggae
Songs of Life - conscious selection

 Continuous mix 2 hours

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Rocking Time ...from my 70s vinyl collection

Rewind Show on 23/08/2019
Revisiting this selection of late-70s classics and rarities from my old singles collection. Expanded by an extra 40 minutes. Roots and revival in a discomix style
Vocal and dubwise, deejay cuts

Expanded tracklist 
Gregory Isaacs - Let's Dance
Ras Midas - Kude A Bamba /

Mighty Diamonds - Jah Will Work It Out / Silver Shadows - Jah Will Guide /
Jackie Paris - Going Home 12''
The I-Tones - Love Is A Pleasure
Ronnie Davis - No Weakheart (Shall Enter Zion) /
Dillinger - Power Bank / Prince Hammer - Dreadlocks Ting /
The Revolutionaries - Rub A Dub
Gregory Isaacs - One More Time / Linval Thompson - Negrea Africa Dub
Linval Thompson - Not Follow Fashion
Mighty Diamonds & Trinity - Like A River
Dennis Brown & U Brown - Say What You Want
Continuous mix. 2 hours


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sizzla Kalonji At His Best

Rewind Show on 16th Aug 2019
Sizzla Kalonji special
Over 50 of his greatest tracks back2back
Strictly conscious roots & culture selections
on some of the tuffest 90s & 00s new roots and dancehall rhythm tracks, no crossover - strictly Yard vibes...
Includes a few big combinations but spotlight fully fix on Sizzla at his lyrical best...


Productions from Xterminator, Digital B, Star Trail, Kariang, Firehouse Crew, Cali Bud, Reggae Central, Massive B, Zulu Productions, X-Rated, 321 Strong, Harmony House, Cylton, African Star, Baby G, John John, More Life, Afrojam and Don Carleon

Sizzla was a revelation when he hit the airwaves in 1995. He arrived right after high profile artists like Luciano, Capleton & Buju had embraced Rastafari and enjoyed success along with other conscious artists like Garnett Silk, Cocoa Tea, Admiral Tibet and Tony Rebel. Sizzla took no prisoners. Between about 1995 & 98 his uncompromising approach and unerringly conscious songwriting made virtually every record a must-buy (so you could rush home with it and pour over the lyrics haha). When the Praise Ye Jah 7'' hit on Xterminator I went right out and got a copy at Body Music. I'm telling you, I wore that single out: A+B sides!

His early works at Xterminator, Digital B & Star Trail were pivotal. Since that heyday the man has released at least 55 LPs and countless singles for all kinds of producers including some surprising collabs & forays into hip hop and other genres with varying results. His voice is instantly recognisable however and he still always seems to rise to the occasion at key moments. A legend in his own lifetime in Jamaica.

This session has been on old back burner for a while. I took my time as I tried not to omit too many of the key tunes...   

Continuous mix 2 hours

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Uplifting International Roots Selection

 Rewind Show on 09/08/2019
In a rootsical mood tonight hehe
... as wi cool & sekkle...

irie 4:20 armchair selection, or one for the road even...
Classic modern roots tracks from Nasio Fontaine, The Congos, Clinton Fearon, Jah9 and a good new conscious release from Buju Banton. Third World seem to roll back the years for their new single. Very chilled guitar solo dubs from Ras Iba, Wadi Gad and the Mad Professor ❤️💛💚

Continuous mix. 2 hours

New single by Third World on Ghetto Youths Int.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Pirates Vampires

Rewind Show on 2nd Aug 2019
Pirates Vampires Blood Suckers
Revisiting the Talkin' Pirates set from back in 2008 featuring Peter Tosh. Re-edited & reloaded with extra tracks & more treasure found. Obeah man privateer business... ''Modern-day pirates come to rob poor people...''

Mainly 00's selections. Riddim like the Old Pirates (Redemption Song), Confessions, Passion, Zulu Chant, Lonely, Vampire, Declaration of Rights, Higher Medz & Irie Ites records' crucial Hit Drop

Continuous mix. 2hours

Straight to the bwoy Mr Whitti's head... 
It has long come to my attention that the man has been higgling my mixes out on ebay, including rastfm shows. I let it go until recently when people have begun assuming that its me selling them, including a well-known reggae group that I've long had good links with. While there ain't much I can do to stop it, I can't allow my name & that of this site and rastfm besmirched by such blatent plagiarism and have sent loud disclaimers out though all the channels.. 
Too gravalicious!

Just to reiterate... I made the decision years ago not to commercialise this site or any of my other musical adventures and so we come to you totally ad-free. So my works will stay STRICTLY FOR THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC & 100% non-commercial. All Siamrootsical mixtapes are easily located on Google for free so don't go buying them!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Beres Hammond Culture Selection

Beres Hammond in full conscious mode
cultural, spiritual, inspirational
All our favourite uplifting Beres reality songs in one place
 mid-80's to present. Whole heap a wicked combinations
SERIOUS its not a joke thing...

Rewind Show on 12/07/2019

Productions from Penthouse, Tappa, Star Trail, Xterminator, Rads, Fat Eyes, Pot Of Gold, Jammys, Willie Lindo, Morgan Heritage and Beres' own Harmony House.

Continuous mix. 2 hours

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Wild Flower UK Roots Releases 1974-79

Wild Flower Roots
Rewind Show on 05/07/2019
Collection of Richard & Paul Khouri's roots releases UK comprising singles & album tracks from the label's fountation in 1974 to 1979. Mostly roots and culture selection mix up with some topical & humourous songs. 

Part One features a number of long-standing names in the business from back in the days when Treasure Isle, Federal & Studio One were predominant. Man like Ernie Smith, Alton Ellis, The Paragons, Ken Boothe, Pluto Shervington, Tinga Stewart, Lloyd Charmers, Bob Andy, Derrick Harriott & Lord Laro. Artists like these forged the label's identity. Many of the recordings mark these artist's response to the growing popularity of roots music. Productions from Derrick Harriott, Dobby Dobson, Karl Pitterson, Donkey, Ernie Smith & the brilliant Lloyd Charmers, as well as the Khouri brothers. Big Youth deh yah.

The Lord Laro singles Budget Debate/Foreign Press are classic pieces of social commentary over calypso rhythm tracks. His tribute to Count Ossie is also outstanding. Laxton Ford's Love Is The Song is a real gem as is Ernie Smith's 'As We Fight One Another Fi Di Power & Di Glory Jah Kingdom Goes To Waste'

 Part Two sees the emergence on Wild Flower of a new crop of artists and producers and is far heavier with a more classic roots sound. Aside from the aforementioned, producers like Gussie Clarke, Niney, Keith Hudson & Lee Perry (Black Ark era) come to the fore. Some crucial sides from the Meditations, Mighty Diamonds, Ralph Haughton, Earl 16, David Isaacs & Junior Murvin. Deejay sides by Dillinger, Ranking Trevor, Prince Jazzbo & Big Youth. Two amazing tracks from the 1974 Lloyd Charmers LP Peace & Love by Dadawah (Ras Michael). Denroy Morgan & The Black Eagles song Ethiopia was produced by Dadawah.

The attractive cover is from the Opal LP Wildflower Roots
which I picked up incredibly in a 'junk shop' at Front St, Corbridge in rural Nothumberland back in the early 80s for £1... TREASURE FOUND!

Continuous mix. Total 238 minutes.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Jamaican Folk Roots - Mento to Ska

Jamaican Folk Roots - Mento to Ska
1950s & 60s
Calypso & Jamaica Quadrille
with nuff social commentary. Early rasta music.
Rewind Show on 17 May 2019

The soul essence of Jamaican popular music hasn't changed that much over time!

I added a rare 7'' of mine by Ronnie Benjamin (Vaugn Benjamin's father) from the 70s at the end

Continuous mix. 2 hours

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Wailers & Friends - R&B Soul & Gospel at Studio One

The Wailers & Associates
R&B, Gospel & Soul at Studio One
Rewind Show on 21/06/2019
Selection of Wailers and other related sides recorded mainly from 1964 to 1966. Features both covers of popular US hits and original compositions, all but a very few produced by Coxsone Dodd.

Tracks from the original Wailing Wailers - Bob Marley, Bunny Livingstone, Peter Tosh & Junior Braithwaite (until he left the group in 1964) - and collaborations between Bunny & Peter from when Bob also gone a foriegn and various solo efforts. Rita Anderson & The Soulettes and Marcia Griffiths tracks from Studio One with and without various members of the Wailers, including some duets with crooner Tony Gregory. Also included here are tunes by the late, great Jackie Opel with the Wailers doing backing vocals. One contemporary Judy Mowatt & The Gaylettes soul tune is featured to round things off though this is on Merritone and not a Coxsone Dodd production.

Wailers' gospel recordings on Tabernacle Records marked yet another side of their work with CS Dodd. Rare sides like Satan & the mento style Why Stay So Far From God as The Trying Brothers, a collaboration with Nora Dean & The Soul Sisters as the Soul Harmonisers and a Bob & The Spiritual Sisters song Let The Lord Be Seen In Me are all sublime.

Rita Marley really stands out here for the quality of her performances and her choice of material - an obvious great talent in her own right. 

No ska, reggae here. Strictly R&B, Soul, Gospel and Doo Wop selections.

Additional tracks for the Rastfm session :
The City Slickers - Ocean's 11
The Soul Brothers - Here Comes The Mink
Cannon Ball & The Soul Vendors - You Are My Everything 
Sugar Belly - Mother's Eyes
Sugar Belly - Danny Boy
Bro. Boothe - I Am Willing To Wait (Tabernacle)
Joy White - Nothing But Love (Tabernacle) 
Roland Alphonso & His Alley Cats - Jerk Pork

Continuous mix. Total 102 minutes - new download link -
 Thanks again to Mikey in Budapest for many of these great Coxsone rips. 
Blessed love.