Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bullwackies Reckless Roots Rockers

Bullwackies Reckless Roots Rockers
Rewind Show on Rastfm Dec 28th 2018

Wackies & City Line releases 1976 - 198?

A sound apart.. Lloyd Barnes, Douglas Levy & Clive Hunt fashioned a disctinctive and very rootical sound from their New York base, building a strong underground following and in time attracting several big names to record with them. Original studio equipment, experimental techniques and space to improvise make for a wonderfully textured 'lo-fi' sound that at times rightly draws comparison with Lee Perry at Black Ark. Crucial...
 Some serious classics here like Joy Card's Black Girl, the Love Joys' It Ain't Easy & Leroy Sibbles' This World.

Wackies founded the studio and record shop in New York - WACKIES HOUSE OF MUSIC in the mid-70s. It was the first significant reggae label stateside as Barnes nurtured many local talents like the Love Joys, Junior Delahaye, the Chosen Brothers, Tony Jackson, Jezzreel & Mikey Jarrett.

Continuous mix. 2 hours.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Very Reggae Christmas Mix by JAKA


A special gift to the World : great music, with message , unconditional love , vibes , peace , meditation & joy

Deck the halls with lots of collie...
An irie Christmas to one and all!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Just Cool Runnings

1st Irie Sundays show on Rastfm

We cool down the tempo just a little for these weekend sessions - much less focused, just thowing down some nice tunes...

Continuous mix. 2 hours.
Quite a few of my old records here, scratches n all..
A killer 12''s like The Chantells & Jah Berry on Phase 1, Tony Jackson's Reggae Music on Wackies, Freddie McGregor's Natural Collie, Tyrone Taylor's evergreen Cottage in Negril (I've had this same copy since it came out when i was a likkle yout) and Rock & Groove 12'' on Solomonic. 

Tito Simon's Rocking Time is a Jama 7'' and I included the amazing b-side 'Tito Skank'. Horace Andy revists his Every Tongue Shall Tell classic for Penthouse. Bob Andy revisited his Coxsone classic Going Home in 1983 for his own Anka label. A tuff cut of the Rainbow Country by Stingray. Astounding new single by Beres Hammond. Also watch out for two tracks from Dawna Lee's superb 1999 album Love on MCS.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Irie Sun Days on RastFM - new show, new time, more vibes...

After a short break, a roadside stopover to recharge y'know, Siamrootsical is back running on all 4 again on Rastfm
Brand new show at a different time.
iree & mellow
cool runnings 
After 18 mnths+ doing the Saturday night spot I fancied a change so I'm doing a new kind of show in a looser, more relxed style & fashion. 
Less sharply focused on style, era, producer, riddim, etc - JUST GREAT REGGAE MUSIC to unwind the mind on the weekend... Expect nuff classics. 
Hope you can join me ites...
11am-1pm Sundays UK time

Tings are really hotting up Sundays with a non-stop day-long schedule of live upful reggae sessions so stay tuned.

I will be re-running the shows and doing other things, hopefully including some special guest appearances & collabs, on Friday's 6-8pm UK time

We'll be bubbling sweet in time for the legendary
Oldies But Goodies sessions
 hosted by revival specialist
Puppa Sleng Teng from 8pm Sleng Teng
Great show, NOT to be missed...

Weekly running times on Rastfm

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Siamrootsical Tribute To Garnett Silk

 Special Tribute To Garnett Silk
RastFM #LRM Show 63 10/11/2018

 Tribute to the Silky One, the Arch Angel of reggae music.
Garnett was a one-off. The originality & natrality of his vocals swiftly earned him huge success from 1990 as he teamed up with Anthony "Fire" Rochester & Tony Rebel to write a series of stunning, heavenly songs.
One of my favorite artists ever since that time. Most of his biggest tunes are here together with combinations & cameos by nuff other artists.

His influence on the music going forward cannot be overstated. He Tony Rebel & Cocoa Tea flew the cultural flag throughout the dancehall era & their latter success encouraged a whole new generation of rasta artists, man like Buju, Capleton, Luciano, Sizzla, Morgan Heritage and many others, and brought new opportunities to older generations of roots artists. Together they turned the music scene around. Silk's sudden passing in 1994 was a massive shock as it felt like no sooner he'd come as he was taken away. He became an  instant legend which in turn lent the 'nu roots' movement even greater momentum...


Also a short focus on his formative years (from the mid-80s) as deejay Little Bimbo and his initial outings as a singer, including work with Sugar Minott's Youth Promotion. Some killer dubplates from Killamanjaro Sound.

Continuous mix. 2hrs 22

Special thanks & respect to Selector Shikydraks of RastFM
Much gratitude. Ever bless mi breda

Monday, November 5, 2018

On-U Sound - Breaking Down The Pressure Mixtape

 On-U Sound - Breaking Down The Pressure
Adrian Sherwood, Singers & Players & Dub Syndicate
RastFM #LoveReggaeMusic Show 62 October 2018

Astounding vibrations from the On-U Sound collective..
A distictive sound, cutting edge technology and a top-ranking group of musicians built around Dub Syndicate's Style Scott & Flabba Holt made On-U front runners in the UK roots scene from around 1980 onwards with a series of classic 10'' 'DISCO PLATE' releases. Sherwood pulled together a select number af artists to form the Singers & Players, including Congo Ashanti I, Prince Far I, Bim Sherman, Creation Rebel & Mikey Dread, who released several lps & eps during the 1st half of the 80s.

Sherwood formed African Head Charge with percussionist Bongo Iyabinghi in 1981 as a vehicle for his more experimental journeys and the label gained a big reputation for leftfield music, making lps with the likes of Lee Perry, Gary Clail, Tackhead, Barmy Army (!!), New Age Steppers & Mark Stewart & Mafia. A soundtrack to the 1980s stoner scene in the UK. He stayed with the roots reggae thoughout though, going on to work with Little Roy, U Roy and others. He also formed 2 Badcard with longtime collaborater Carlton 'Bubblers' Oglivie in the mid-90s.

I'm really pleased to present this one. Coherently consistant vibes throughout. Selections run from about 1980 to 2006. Focus is on signature On-U Sound heavy roots but of course we journey off to the outta regions a few times...
Fulljoy people
Giving thanks to Adrian Sherwood & On-U In The Area

Remembering top ranking stcksman Style Scott. 4 years have gone since he was taken from us. RIP breda 

Continuous mix. 3 hours.
One time in 1991 I was at a rave on the roof of the Himalayas in the hills above Manali, India. Sometime around the trippy dawn the djs decided they'd played enough and shut it down so i took over the system with my cassette copy of this then brand-new Lee Perry LP. The tekno djs hated it but you should've seen how the people skank so. Scientific dancehall! 

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Early 70s Roots & Culture Session II

 Early 70s Revival Session II
Rastfm #LoveReggaeMusic Show 61
More oldtime roots & culture vibes many again ripped from pre. Productions from Coxsone, Upsetter, Harry J, Observer, Glen Brown, Keith Hudson, Phil Pratt, Derrick Harriott, etc.
Mostly from that era but I couldn't help throwing down a couple of wicked versions from later in that decade...

Continuous mix. 3hrs.

 A classic 45 from Niney - Leggo The Wrong by Astley Bennett (aka Roy Shirley) is a big highlight, what a voice! Sound Dimension's Congo Rock is a Studio One classic as is Glen Miller's Love & Understanding. Bunny & Ricky's Bushweed Corntrash is an old fave of mine and is surely one of the most poignant songs about a ganja drought ever made!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Early 70s Revival Session....

 (mostly) Early 70s Revival Selection....
RastFM #LoveReggaeMusic Show 60
Just a bunch of big tunes from the very late 60s towards the mid-70s. Largely conscious roots & culture selections. Range of producers & styles with big tunes from Coxsone, Lee Perry, Niney, Keith Hudson, Derrick Harriott, Harry J's, etc... Many Siamrootsical vinyl rips. Special thanks to Brixton Rat for some of the Coxsone tunes.

Continuous mix. 3hrs.

Mr. RSL here's an oldies set for ya. Must be a telepathic wave hehe...

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Saturday Night Steppas...

Saturday Night Steppas On RastFM
Rootsdub selections mostly from the mid-90s
Mad Professor, Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti I, The Disciples, Bush Chemists, Zion Train, Jah Warrior, Fashion, Centry, Gussie P, Conscious Sounds, The Rootsman.... Lead with the BASS..


This ya one takes me back to the heyday of that scene... The Dubclub in London, Bradford's Dub Me Crazy sessions, Messenger in Edinburgh & massive all-nighters at the Scala Brixton, Leeds West Indian Centre, Bristol, Gloucester & nuff other places around the country. Full houses every time. While I don't often play this kind a music nowadays I used to a lot to back then. It was the nu-roots ting exploding outta Yard that fully drew my attention back away from the UK dub vibes, from around the time Garnett & Luciano made it big and Buju dread up.
I continue to go to the odd sound system dance and it sounds good to me still sameway...

Continuous mix. 3hrs

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


RastFM #LoveReggaeMusic Show 58 06/10/2018

Message music: Peace love & unity a weh wi want...
Eclectic reggae session with a roots flavour - 

70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and new songs
Giving thanks to all listeners, bloggers and rastfm-ites everywhere

🔥🔥🔥 ❤️🧡💚
Continuous mix. 2.5hrs

Big tings a gwan at rastfm
Tune in & find our regular schedules at the website or on your handset. Check the past show archives on Mixcloud.

Clik here >>>

Paul Rootsical's #LoveReggaeMusic show still runs live most
 Everyone's invited to tune in & join me in this celebration of music. Ever bless...

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Junior Delgado's Incredible Music

Junior Delgado's Incredible Music
RastFM #LoveReggaeMusic Show #57 22/09/18
Remembering the mighty, the one and only Jux Delgado. From his early sides for the likes of Ethnic Fight, Observer, Black Ark & Rupie Edwards, solo or with vocal groups Time Unlimited & the Heaven Singers, through the classic Rockers, DEB & Incredible Jux releases to his superb later works with Fashion and Adrien Sherwood of On-U Sound. 


Some serious dubs by Prince Jammy, Sly & Robbie, Augustus Pablo and Lee Perry plus a few deejay versions and a couple of duets. Essentially a roots reggae mix we also venture onto some of his biggest lovers and dancehall hits later on. Surprise crossover collaborations with Naked Funk, Sofa Surfers and the Jungle Brothers.

This ya one free from sirens, fog horns & other dangerous sonic interferance lol back2basics

I was privilaged to see Jux with Pablo at Leeds University on the Raggamuffin Year tour in '88 - one of the best nights ever! The place was ram and both artists were on fire as were the very youthful Yami Bolo & White Mice who opened the show.
Continuous mix. Total 3hrs

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Shake Dem Down '99

Rastaman a Jah Jah earthquake
come to shake dem down...
Revisiting the mixtape from December 1999. Includes early tunes by Junior Kelly, Natural Black and Norris Man's breakthrough hit Bad Road. UK singjay Sandeeno's dancehall killer Teardown Babylon (Prophesy riddim, Saxon) from 1997 was another I played at death back then... Wicked cuts by Lloyd Brown & Sylvia Tella too...

PT1: Riddim include Bad Road (King of Kings), No More Will I Roam (Kicking), Sabbath Meditation (Flames), King In the Jungle (Harmony House), Free Love (Ffrench), Life Cycle (Xterminator) & Baba Tunde (Henfield). Daweh Congo classic on Prophesy Reveal.

PT2: Some serious riddim like Fade Away (Joe Frazier), Prophecy (Saxon), Zion (Cali Bud), Stealing/Ulterior Motive (Xterminator), Blackman King (Ffrench), Tempo (Flash) & Phillip Smart's amazing Blackboard Jungle. Check out Ninjaman's exceptional reality song Fire Bun Dem from Digital B.

Continuous mix.158 minutes. Repost...

-Download CD1-
-Download CD2-

Monday, September 10, 2018

New Sounds for 2018 #LoveReggaeMusic Show 55 on RastFM

New Sounds Sept 2018
RastFM #LoveReggaeMusic Show 55
Whole heap a recent releases mix up with some nice better known tunes from the past. Nuff good promos and artist/label submissions

Features tracks from the brand new LPs by YVAD,PROTOJE, KABAKA PYRAMID, NGA HAN, PAIAKA, GROUNDATION & the ALBOROSIE/WAILERS collaboration Unbreakable.
Having recently been to see him live, there are a few old and new ANTHONY B numbers here too. He did a lively, well recieved show in Leeds, heating up the crowd despite the rain. God above everything...

Continuous mix - 168 mins

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Emmanuel Be With I - Dennis Brown Tribute

Emmanuel Be With I
Dennis Brown spotlight
RastFM #LoveReggaeMusic Show 53 & 54 Aug 2018
This one's very close to my heart. Long live the CROWN PRINCE of reggae music...
Over 100 of his best tunes from 1977 onwards over 2 volumes (I left his early 70s music for another time - there are just TOO MANY big tunes to pick from!).

- PART 1 -

Focus is on the best of his sublime roots reggae hits for the likes of Joe Gibbs, Errol Thompson, Tad's, Gussie Clarke, Jammys, Taxi, Clive Hunt, Robert Ffrench, Aswad, Gemini & some later Niney recordings, as well as his own productions on the D.E.B. & Yvonne's Special labels. Strictly roots & culture. He not only had the golden voice but was also one of the greatest lyricists with a true gift for vocalising melodies, whoh wohohoh yeah wohohohooooooh now, SEEN....

Dennis Brown probably enjoyed his greatest creative spell around 1976-82, particularly while working with Joe Gibbs, Errol Thompson & Niney the Observer. 1978's VISIONS OF DENNIS BROWN LP is a major highlight. While he later went on to voice the odd sides for nuff producers everywhere as is normal, Dennis remained loyal to his key partnerships right up to his (or their) passing, man like Niney & Joe Gibbs, but also King Jammy & Gussie Clarke. So he able to maintain the coherence and overall high quality of his work right up to the end of the 1990s. He was actually getting back to his best at the very end with inspired LPs for Jammys & Music Works in the months before he died.

- PART 2 -

We mix things up a bit more for part 2, showing off the depth of D Brown's influences and his versitility. From roots & roots-dancehall to lovers rock and blazing digital dancehall. Productions from Joe Gibbs, Jammys, Gussie Clarke, Gemini, Sly & Robble, Black Scorpio, Niney, Saxon, Lloyd Charmers, Two Friends, Junior Reid, Penthouse and more from  his own D.E.B. label.

Some of his very biggest hits like Money In My Pocket, Ain't That Loving You, Should I, Love Got A Hold On Me, Friends For Life, Have You Ever, the list goes on... Big combinations with blood brothers Gregory Isaacs & Junior Delgado, Freddie Mcgregor, Janet Kay, Sharon Forrester, John Holt and Richie Stephens among others. 

Continuous mix. More than 4hrs in total