Monday, February 27, 2012

Kabaka Pyramid - Rebel Music 2011

Kabaka Pyramid - Rebel Music 2011. Crucial & hard debut set from the Kingston deejay and producer. 10 tracks. Leads with 6 solid roots rhythms before venturing onto some cool dancehall and hip-hop beats. Lyrically solid - strictly conscious reality business here... Original style, original riddims. Collaborations with singers Protoje and Koro-Fyah.
One to watch out for in 2012...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roots N Culture Mix 2011

Roots N Culture 2011. Rocking new roots, one-drop and conscious dancehall mixtape. Riddim like Blue Skies (Supa Hype), Sunset Boulevard (NCF), Know My Friends (EMG), Better Tomorrow, Johnny B Goode & Big Stage (Penthouse) and more cuts of Xterminator's vital Danger In Your Face. A  shower of good Cure tunes after a relatively quiet spell. Gyptian also, like the essential Kayla Bliss combination on Mr. Wicked. Rootsman Phil Watkis had a small hit a few years back with Know My Friends, a tune I first heard on a Rebel Salute DVD. Great tune but we'd like to hear some more from him. Lutan Fyah sound-alike Exco Levi's broke through this year and rides ruff again on Mr. Hammer. BIG UP Jesse Royal... the deejay crucial everytime! Another one to watch in 2012...

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Total Reflection Of The Foundation - 90's Roots Mixtape 1999

Total Reflection Of The Foundation. Conscious new-roots vibes from the 90's over both fresh and vintage riddims. Excursions on Brass Gates and Do Some Good while Xterminator & Penthouse both revisit the Right Time (Comforter) and Freedom Blues. The Mighty Diamonds join Morgan Heritage, Beenie Man, et al. in voicing one of their best riddims with a new song, Jah Love. One of the most overlooked singers of the period, the former Black Scorpio & Shocking Vibes artist Raymond Wright shines on the powerful Critics Highway - the tune never left my turntable for a while in 1997. Shame we didn't hear much more from him at the time... Other productions from: Roof International, Black Scorpio, Taxi, Shocking Vibes, Fat Eyes, Life, How Yu Fi say Dat, Ffrench, X-Rated, Star Trail, Backyard Movements and Digital B.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Relist...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ga-Pi - Return To The Dub Kitchen Part 1

Ga-Pi - Return To The Dub Kitchen Part 1. Wicked and essential debut release from Thai dub pioneers Ga-Pi. Heavy rootsdub rhythms with an original Thai sound. Great innovative use of traditional Thai instruments and arrangements. 10/10... Original Thai Rasta...

Kai-Jo Brothers - Paradise 2006

Kai-Jo Brothers - Paradise 2006. Second album by the Thai reggae sensation Kai Jo Brothers. 13 irie slices of sand, sea.and reggay...