Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Terror Fabulous & The Deejays - Jump & Gwaan Bad - 90's Ragga Mix

Terror Fabulous - Jump & Gwaan Bad. Non-stop 90s dancehall-ragga mix. Featuring Terror Fabulous alongside Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Daddy Screw, Nadine Sutherland, Wayne Wonder, Capleton, Shabba Ranks, Mad Cobra, Maxi Priest, Louie Culture, Spragga Benz, Tanya Stephens, Bounty Killer, Jigsy King, Carol Gonzales, Dennis Brown, Gary Minott, Peter Metro, General Degree, Frankie Sly, Snow, Shaggy, Rayvon, Terry Ganzie, Kulcha Knox, Sanchez, Frisco Kid, Don Yute and Dirtsman.

Riddim like Livestock, All Fruits Ripe, Batty Rider, Bruk Wine Butterfly, Love Punnany Bad, Excellence, Top Ten, Three Blind Mice, Story Come To Bump, Car Crash, Ba Ba Boom, Action, Could You Be Loved... Productions from Mad House, Shocking Vibes, Jammys and Digital B. 60+ tracks.

Versatile deejay Terror Fabulous blazed out of the Mad House and Shocking Vibes camps in 1991 alongside man like Daddy Screw, Buju, Louie Culture, Beenie and Capleton and had a string of hits throughout the early and mid 1990s. Similar in style to Buju (without the rockstone voice) but with his own trademark pronounced intonation, Terror hit first with bogle gal tunes like Gwaney Gwaney & Dorothy and tuff reality tunes like No Retreat, No Surrender and Order. His 1993 collaboration with Nadine Sutherland, Action, was a worldwide hit, winning him a major label deal for an album. The excellent Yaga Yaga, produced by Dave Kelly, was well received but a return to the grassroots soon followed. He went on to record many great tunes for Penthouse, Digital B, King Jammys/John John, Fat Eyes, Xterminator, Black Scorpio and others, coming with more and more killer reality sides after 1994. Sadly the hits dried up by the end of the decade as the sound began to change and new names emerged and Terror Fabulous, along with fellow deejays Louie Culture, Terry Ganzie and Determine, seemed to drop out of the race.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes.