Saturday, December 3, 2016

King Volts 1986

A lost favourite of mine from back when I was a youthman inna di Newcastle area. The original King Volts tape recorded on Tyneside around 1985-86. The reggae collective formed in 1982 in Fenham, Newcastle and were regulars on the Northeast gig circuit during the mid-80s, supporting visiting acts like Black Roots.  They became popular on the alternative scene and later the West Yorkshire reggae scene after a move to Bradford where they quickly built up a local following alongside their King Volts Sound System while traveling to play at festivals. Key members emigrated and, sadly, the band split for good after a reunion gig in 1988. 

 King Volts at the time of these recordings comprised Cess - lead vocals & song writer (still pops up on the music festival scene), Steve - bass guitar, Igger - guitar, Dan - drums, Jo - vocals and keyboards and Anna - flute, clarinet & vocals with Martin on the mixing desks. Anna's flute and Igger's classical guitar helped elevate the compositions to a whole other level.

Thanks to Diccon for providing the rip. More love..