Thursday, September 8, 2011

World A Reggae Music - Peace & Unity

World A Reggae Music - Peace & Unity. More positive vibrations from north, south, east and west... Good livity on S.O.J.A.'s Open My Eyes and exemplary dub-fusion from Dennis Bovell on Train to Seven Sisters. Job-2-Do keep up the vibes with the MASSIVE Thai reggae hit Do..Do..Do.. Do Ter Tham. The 4th and final part of the international roots reggae series.
Featuring: Lloyd Brown, Soldiers of Jah Army (S.O.J.A.), Abja, Niyorah, Clinton Fearon, Alpha Blondy, The Wailers Band, Groundation, Apple Gabriel, Solo Jah Gunt, Bamjimba, Dennis Bovell, Ossie Dellimore, Gondwana, Ben Harper, The Mystic Revealers, Job-2-Do (จ๊อบ บรรจบ), Stephen Marley, Junior Gong, Inner Circle, Nasio Fontaine, Tiken Jah Fakoly, The Rhythmites, Ga-Pi (กะปี), Martin Jondo, Harley & the Rasta Family and Natural Black.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Relist...
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