Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silverback Gorilla - Nu Roots Mixtape 2015

Silverback Gorilla - Nu Roots Mixtape 2015. Latest conscious reggae selections & fresh ganja tunes on some killer riddim old and new. Named after the popular new indica strain. Looks so sweet you could eat it...

Highlights three massive new rhythm tracks. Oneness Records come with the Retro Locks, a rocking update of Bim Sherman's Golden Locks, with strong cuts by Iba Mahr, Dre Island, Mark Wonder and Glen Washington who sings the Sherman original. Gappy Ranks teams up with Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal. The Ram Jam - Fattie Fattie (Silly Walks) finally drops with big tunes from Chronixx, Ras Demo, RC and emerging singers Clay and Dalton Harris. Pure feelgood party vibes when Protoje meets Sara Lugo on I Really Like You. This riddim's gonna mash it up this summer. Inner Circle's relick of the Tenement Yard is already a hit for Chronixx. Assassin aka Agent Sasco does a hebalist cut inna wicked 90s deejay style. 

Two Ghetto Youths Int. riddims here... Stephen Marley is on the Sun Is Shining while Wayne Marshall's controversial On The Corner is built around REM's Losing My Religion. Kabaka Pyramid takes a shot at 'mr politician man' on the same rhythm. Norris Man and dancehall-crossover artist Mark Balet also aim on Politicians and Running. Special request to the election-weary... Sudden Flight, the latest hit from Protoje's hot new album Ancient Future for Overstand, rides a crucial relick of the Gunshot alongside Jesse Royal & Sevana. Micah Shemaiah, Hempress Sativa & Jahkime whip up a roots session vibe on the Prince Far I/Adrian Sherwood Tempo version. The original from the Cry Tuff Dub Vol. 3 LP 1980 - one of the greatest dub albums ever - is in the mix. Levi Roots does an irie update of Roman Stewart's Rice & Peas.

The MARCH TOWARDS LEGALIZATION seems to have inspired more than the usual number of weed tunes recently. After several cuts on the Tenement Yard we revisit Chronixx on the Cultivator from 2013/14 (Royal Order) with additional tracks by Bobby Hustle, Pressure, Sizzla, Mykal Rose and  Perfect's funny Smoke Alarm. Every day a four20! Chronixx also comes together with the Mystic Revealers for Herb Must Legalize Now. Staying with the same theme Protoje & Winta James' great remake of Zap Pow's Bubblin' Over is brought together here with the 70s original. UK dancehall artist Stylo G does a nice Sugar Minott tribute on the Mr DC. Jesse Royal cool up him nerve on the Diamond Sox (Notis) and Keida sips Ganja Tea with Rory Stonelove. Passenger Seat by RC is on a Penthouse lick of an early 80s (Junjo?) riddim. Its been killing me trying to remember the original. Was it the Wailing Souls? Can anyone help me with this one???

Continuous mix. 94 minutes.


  1. yes my friend another great list of tunes d/l this one & sounds great big up to you you have any more in the same style from the vibration to creation style that you did ? that one is in the car all the time LOL so what would you suggest ?

    jah bless

  2. greetings. nice1 for the vibes man :D just re-upped a nice 90s collection. should sound good in the car on a sunny day...

    1. just upped the richie spice & friends mix 2008 too here's link

      BIG UP

  3. thank you my friend you really are too kind nuff respect to you man



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