Friday, April 14, 2017

Time Is Getting Hard - Studio One Reality Selections 1967-75

Time Is Getting Hard
Studio One Reality Selections
 Collection of conscious early roots reggae & rock steady from the Coxsone archives.  Big tunes from Lloyd Charmers, Bob Andy, Ernest Wilson, Slim Smith,  The Hamlins, Cables, Ethiopians, Bassies, Viceroys, Classics (Wailing Souls) and Coxsone's leading vocal group after the Wailers' departure - the Heptones - as well as a whole heap a rare 7'' gems from more obscure artists. 

Excursions on some classic original riddim like the Rougher Yet, Things A Come To Bump (Love Bump), Fire Coal Man, Cuss Cuss, What Kind Of World and Roy Richards' Freedom Blues. Although most of the tunes were recorded between 1967 & 1972 it is almost inevitable that some versions, remixes & voice overs from a slightly outside that date zone made their way into the mix.

Continuous mix. 90 mins.

Thanks again to Brixton Rat for lending the I so many vital Studio 1 rips... 
Peace and love iyah.


  1. yes my friend always look forward to your mixes thanks for all you do continuously


    1. heartical greetings.. hope alls well in brummie.. i've added a nice bob marley selection from breda at rastfm. i remember you makin g a request time ago.. bless up

  2. Couldn't agree more. What a selection! Many thanks again.

  3. thanks breda... i'm gonna play a tune dedicated to u on todays show at rastfm 5pm.. it'll be out on mixcloud later too. bless


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