Saturday, April 29, 2017

Debut #LoveReggaeMusic Podcast on RastFM - Paul Rootsical Show

Debut promo show on RastFM 04-29-2017

Strictly positive reggae music... 2hr show.
Jah Jah love inna wi 

 This week we big up the Captain FREDDIE MCGREGOR, showcasing his latest LP TRUE TO MY ROOTS. The album definitely lives up to is name - everything you'd expect from a Freddie set. If you don't already have a copt GET ONE! Massive title track on the Heavenless.

Various cuts of some massive riddims from across the years. Version excursions on the Adowa Triumph, Since I Threw the Comb Away, Ali Baba, Creation Rebel, Dub Organizer, Weather Balloon, Heavenless, Children of the Emperor, Problems/Lovers Mood, Imperial Crown, Shank I Shek, Hypocrites & the Rope In.
Big thanks to Sleng Teng, Shikydraks and all the RastFM family for making this happen. Blessed love. 

Thanks to all who tuned in. This is a taster of things to come on this weekly show, more love higha medi... but I'll have a mic for next week... 5pm Saturdays = 16:00 UTC

Tune in to RastFM 24-7

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