Saturday, March 23, 2013

DJ Herbal T presents... Top Rank Mix 1989-93

Top Rank mix by selector DJ Herbal T. Non-stop excursions on some of EJ Robinson's tuffest rhythms, including versions. Showcases singer Richie Stephens with several crucial vocal cuts, including a superb combination with Frankie Paul on (Mandela) Free At Last, showing what a versatile and powerful vocalist he was even back then in the '80s.

Trademark killer digital licks of classic riddim like the Things & Time, How Could I Leave, Death In The Arena, M16, Answer, Move, and the General. I have thrown some extra Top Rank 7'' rips by Cobra, Lazarus, Ninja Ford, Garnett Silk & Richie Stephens in the rar file..
Thanks & nuff respect to Herbal T, pure niceness every time...
Continuous mix. 55 minutes.


  1. enjoying it, Tinker

  2. Nice1 Tinker, pleased to see folks tuning in. Positive reggae music...


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