Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guide And Protect - 90s Roots Mixtape

Guide & Protect - New Roots Mixtape. 1993-1999. Strictly roots & reality... Rides riddim like Rope In, Swing Easy, Chant Mi Song, Undying Love, Lecturer, War and the massive Kette Drum. Productions from: African Star, Digital B, Jammys, 3 Natti, Xterminator, Time One, Penthouse and Mac Dada.

Continuous mix. 79 minutes. Repost...


  1. This is the best mid to late 90's roots reggae mix I have ever heard, perfect chunes, mixed flawlessly in a perfect order! Big Ups! Blessings and Salute..

    1. give thanks for the commendation spar. I DID NUFF 90S MIXES - one of my fave eras in the music. have u heard CHANT DOWN ROME? respect king

    2. Going to listen to Chant Down Rome right now.. Thanks for the recommendation, Massive Respect!


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