Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phil Pratt All Stars - Showcase Super 1969-76

 Phil Pratt All Star Showcase
The best of Sunshot. Comprehensive selection of killers on the legendary Sunshot and Channan Jah labels. Draws on the influential producer's output during the early reggae era, the transition from melodious rocksteady to the more militant roots music. With the Sunshot Band (the future Revolutionaries) and Bobby Kalphat providing cutting edge rhythm tracks, Pratt was able to call on the leading vocalists and deejays of the day but, like close contemporaries Lee Perry, Glen Brown, Sidney Crooks, Bunny Lee and Niney, wasn't afraid to experiment and give opportunity to lesser known artists. His sound is notable for enduring vocal quality over choppy, solid roots riddim. Of interest here is the emergence of  of the 'flying cymbals' drum sound. Good balance of singers, deejays and version. Great riddim like Strange Things, What About the Half, Black Magic Woman, Envious, Talk About Love, Artibella, Heart is Gone, Going the Wrong Way, etc...

 Continuous mix. Total 280 minutes.
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  1. high ive been a follower of your great blog for years,been going through your old post's any way you can re-up phil pratt or getting a copy to me my email fires4u@btinternet.com
    peace an puff

  2. Thanks Cazzy :D I've uploaded them again 4u. Enjoy... Maximum respect!


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