Thursday, November 5, 2009

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1989

Year 2 Year 12'' Discomix Collection 1989. More serious 12'' selections. Vocal and dubwise. Gussie Clarke's sleek dancehall sound is joined here in '89 by ruff productions from Redman and Dennis Star.

Engineering and dubs from Soljie Hamilton and Stephen Stanley. Soljie's dubs have that wicked digital delay-reverb-soaked sound that became his trademark in the 90's at Xterminator, becoming one of the most influencial engineers in the digital era.

Cd2: More serious dancehall business from Music Works and Redman International. Full-length 12'' cuts with thunderous dub versions. Engineering and dubs by Soljie, Stephen Stanley and King Tubby. Includes Dennis Brown special with four cuts of To The Foundation. Also a tribute to King Tubby who was brutally gunned down in 1989.

Continuous mix. Total 159 minutes.
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