Monday, April 22, 2024

Dub-Heavy Session 2024 ft. Mikey Dub


Dub-Heavy Session on HearticalFM April 2024 featuring Mikey Dub


One hour session on April 2024 with a special spotlight on the current works of west coast reggae producer and dubmaster MIKEY DUB outta Portland, Oregon. Check out his latest releases on Dubophonic Records, including great combinations with DEBBIE DEFIRE (gold school Black Ark legend Deborah Keese) and DON HARTLEY which are standout selections here.
Watch out for new Mikey Dub & Dubophonic releases across social media and on bandcamp


We also make a short tribute to the great PEETAH MORGAN who passed last month. We were all left dumbfounded shocked & saddened by this completely unexpected news. I myself have been a big fan from right back when Morgan Heritage first hit the scene in the mid-90s with Digital B. This consumate songwriter's songs will live on and on.... 


Serious reasonings from Don Hartley on Causeless Shall Not Come 💥 out now on Dubophonic


Mikey Dub & Debbie Defire - Thank You/Dub

Greetings to each & every one from Mahasarkham, Thailand. Give thanks, blesss

 --Continuous mix 1hr--

download via the hearthis link

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