Monday, October 25, 2021

Living Off Grid - The Farewell Rewind Show


My farewell session on Oct 2021
My wife & I are off to live on some farmland in our caravan here in Yorkshire. We'll be living on solar so its gonna take us some time to get sorted for more live broadcasting. We are pleased to have begun this exciting new chapter!


A final roots reggae selection of personal favorites with some special significance to me right now. Its an opportunity to send out my thanks & appreciation to you all & make my dedications. Big love to the whole hearticalfm family, mixcloud posse, twitter & facebook crews and of course all blog visitors... you've all humbled I&I seen!


Special thanks to Mr. RSR & Mr. BT (dedi comes late on in the session) 

Continuous mix 1hr 40



Monday, October 4, 2021

Best of Prince Lincoln Thompson - Revolutionary Man



Prince Lincoln Thompson Tribute 

Revolutionary Man - the best of... 

Love The Way It Should Be
Paying homage one of my favorite artists, the late, great Prince Lincoln. Brings together some of the best songs from throughout his solo career (1976-1997). Multi-instrumentalist Thompson is best known for deep, profound and slightly unusual roots music. Hit tunes Kingston 11 & Humanity (Neville King) have long been grassroots blues party killers complete with stunning version sides. Lincoln started out in rocksteady group The Tartans before passing through Studio One, starting his own label (God Sent) in the mid-70s and moving into self-production. Despite being signed up by Ballistic and then United Artists wider success eluded him as he trod his own path, making a total of only 6 vocal albums with a smattering of singles on God Sent into the 1990s. Similar in style and substance to Roy Cousins & The Royals, Rasses music also takes a little time to penetrate but enters deeper and deeper into the conscience with each play. I wore out two of his lps (True Experience & Rootsman Blues) back in my youth. 

Continuous mix 2 hours

Features several self-releases and collaborations with Daddy Freddie, Prince Jammy and fellow Tartans members Cedric Myton & Devon Russell. Covers of Bob Andy's Revelation and Bob Marley's African Herbman, Jah Live & Want More. All three of his amazing Studio One recordings are here.
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Sunday, September 26, 2021

2YK Lovers Bashment Session - good-time reggae hits



Irie reggae dancehall & lovers hits mix from the lead up to the new millenium... Many favorite 90's artists & rhythms!  

Continuous mix 2hrs 40
Riddim like Far East (Penthouse), Real Rock (Xterminator, Steelie & Cleavie & Stone Love), Joyride (Madhouse), Stir It Up (Mrosh & Bean Stalk), Mean Girl/I Know The Score (Gussie P) and Penthouse's rocking cut to Tempo, African Beat (Stone Love, Fat Eyes, Penthouse), Digital B's Drum Song & Undying Love, More & More (Zulu), various cuts of Rope In and Penthouse's Tonight. Late night blues vibes from Lloyd Brown on Matumbi's Point Of View.
Rewind Show on May 2021

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Dr Roots' Tribute to Lee 'Scratch' Perry


Dr. Roots Roots Cypher Show #643

Tribute to Lee 'Scratch' Perry



Fine salute to the brilliantly chaotic Upsetter, moving between his much celebrated productions and his very unique vocal offerings from across the years. The Upsetter of all upsetters! This is the most complete & rounded two hour tribute that I've heard yet.


Broadcasting direct outta Greensboro NC each weekend, radio host & selector Brian Greene aka Dr. Roots always comes with a refreshingly rootikal, conscious & widely varied program. Nuff upcoming & lesser known, underground artists rub shoulders with all the roots legends as the doctor literally leaves no stone unturned! I for one always love to listen up... Consciousness and wadada love, Selah

Check out his  mixcloud for more episodes 


Thanks & respect to the Doc every time... Word, sound and power!


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Heartical Love & Respect Dubwise


Heartical Love Respect and DUB

Brand new/recent heavyweight rootsdub releases

Rootical and conscious vibrations 🔈🔉🔊

Interspersed as usual with a few upful & rightful vocal tracks.. Rhythm section step forward >>>

Friday Night Rewind on 8 Aug 2021



Continuous mix 2hrs 40


Tracks from the new Horace Andy collaboration LP Broken Beats. The new Zion Train album - Star of Hope features unreleased Dubs & projects. Tuff Scout's Out On The Floor Dub is a great album with nods to legendary UK record shops & labels. Zenzile & the Irie Ites meet Trinity 2021 marks a final outing by the great deejay himself 🔥🔥🔥

The Rootsman & Inspirational Sounds represent Bradford, carrying the city's great dub tradition (dub mi crazy!) forward in a 21st century style. Their 2018 EP Up North has 6 tracks all named after legendary 20th century West Indian venues & landmarks in town & the old 'frontline', ie. the Palm Cove Club, Checkpoint community centre, the Sugar Cane Club, the Young Lions cafe, Green Lane & the Perseverance (aka Percy - the once infamous frontline pub). Three tracks included here. Perhaps a counteraction 2 will namecheck more hotspots like the Railway Club, Ebonies, Mayflower Club, MAPA, Lumb Lane, Bibi's and other memorable places?? Too many to mention in a single EP 😄 Give thanks for the trip down memory lane ites
Get Up North at bandcamp

Singer & producer Messian 'Dubroom' Dread comes with 2 superb EP discomixes, one brand new & one from the archives. Conscious vocals & bubbling dubs! Catch his live sessions each Tuesday at 6PM UK/19h. Dutch time on His website: hear & d/l his new releases at Militant music with praises to jah jah...

I unashamedly pulled out a crop of tunes by name here - heartical - this is what we call selecting by song title 😆😆😆 who can feel must hear!

Big up all the hearticalfm crew...

thanks to all you promotors for sending us so many of these new releases 🙏


Monday, August 2, 2021

Jah Power & Jahfinity


Chase dem away with Jah power & jahfinity... have to respect the divinity and give praise to Jah through eternity Luciano

 Conscious roots music from the Virgin Islands & Miami. Selection 2000s-2020s



Continuous mix 2 hours


Productions from Lustre Kings, I Grade, Zion High, African Roots Lab & Galaxy Soundstation (Miami)

Brand new riddim release from Zion High called Mash Down. The Jahfinity by Galaxy is a semi-acoustic roots rhythm track featuring cuts by JC Appoleon (Haiti), Kylus and an astounding lyrical performance by Luciano on Jah Earth. Great dub too. 

 New tracks by Akae Beka including a great combo with Chronixx. New album by Arkaingelle for I Grade records. Dubwise selection from the
Zion I Kings band. Tracks from Lloyd Brown's brilliant Rootical album for Zion High. Deejays like Pressure Busspipe, Kabaka Pyramid, Lutan Fyah, Ras Attitude & Prezident Brown...


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Ijahman Bunny Wailer Vaughn Benjamin & I-Wayne: Back 2 Back Part 2


By special request...

Four outstanding artists go toe to toe for this roots & reality session. Brings together two legends from the golden era of Jamaican roots music with two deeply original artists from more recent times as Jah music keeping on moving forward...


Continuous mix: 2 hours



Ijahman Levi emerged in 1976 with the Carry Jah Heavy Load & Jah Is No Secret singles, originally released on UK label Concrete Jungle before getting signed to Island in 1978 to international acclaim. Highly authentic & epic songs, deeply spiritual & personal self productions. Other true pioneers, Vaugh & Ron Benjamin & Midnite blazed onto the scene in the late 1990's with a completely new approach to roots reggae, both musical & lyrical. Vaughn reformed the group in 2015 as Akae Beka after Ron stepped back from touring. Vaughn must be one of reggae's most recorded album artists with literally countless albums of fresh songs (and there is more still to surface). Revered by many as a prophet & visionary its almost as though he was in a rush to get his messages out before his untimely passing at only 50 in 2020. He surely left us much to absorb & ponder over the coming years... I-Wayne made a massive impact when he hit the airwaves in 2004, especially in Jamaica where he continuous to perform to appreciative crowds. Songs like Life Seed, Living In Love & Lava Ground are deeply grounded nu-roots classics. Sadly he is under-recorded with only a handful of singles & 4 LPs & to his name, the last in 2012. Bunny Wailer was of course around right from the start, the mid-60's ska & R&B period, and remained active until only a few years ago - a stellar career stretching well over 50 years. Outspoken, controversial & somewhat reclusive Bunny was a true living legend in every sense.

Friday Night Rewind on hearticalfm July 2021

RSL & BT big up bredren 💚💛💗

Bless the hearticalfm crew



Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Rastafari Tradition - Deep Roots 1976-1983


 Earth's Rightful Ruler Emperor Haile Selassie I

Singers & players of instruments united deep in a rastafari culture... Roots selection from the late 70's & early 80s. Augustus Pablo leads off with the majestic Rastafari Tradition 

Continuous mix 2 hours


Features a lot of lesser known artists alongside some underground roots classics. Borrows tracks from the Wiser Dread (Nighthawk 1981), Stages Of Life (All Tone), Unity Is Strength Vol. 2 (Park Heights 1982) & Wanted (Makasound 2004) compilations. Serious David Jahson & Phillip Fraser selection with the Fatman Ridim Section & Freedom Sounds. Excursions on the crucial Captivity/Take 5 riddim from 1979 (Thrillseekers) & Peace Man (Ta-Shi/Cornerstone Church of Music 1978). 12''s from Junior Delahaye (Wackies 1981) & Johnny Clarke (Blackbeard 1970s).

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Monday, June 28, 2021

4 Roots Legends Back 2 Back - Bob Marley Ijahman Levi Alpha Blondy & Nasio


Bringing together four giants of reggae music


Roots rock reggae by special request...



Continuous mix 2 hours 23 mins


Give thanks to RSR for the requests. The input helps keep the fya burning man, bless. I'm considering doing a part 2...


Friday Night Rewind on

every week at 6PM UK time

Friday, June 18, 2021

Doctor Alimantado - Idrens Gather Round


Dread Doctor Alimantado & The Sons of Thunder all-star tribute showcase session



Continuous mix 2 hrs 14 mins



Dr Alimantado aka Winston Thompson started out as a deejay on Coxsone's Downbeat Sound & Lord Tippertone before finally voicing sides for Lee Perry & Bunny Lee in 1971 with the nom de guerre Winston Prince. A long string of 45s followed as the Doctor. An astute businessman, he quickly took full ownership of his music, releasing on his own Ital Sounds & Vital Food labels from 1973 and Keyman Records later on. Two immensely successful LP compilations of these singles came out on Greensleeves in the late 70's; Best Dressed Chicken In Town & Sons Of Thunder that cemented his place as a premier deejay artist of the day


Alimantado voiced with several producers at various studios but most often with Lee Perry & Bunny Lee so this compilation frequently alternates between tunes from both with vocal versions from singers like Horace Andy, Cornell Campbell & David Isaacs. Version galore again! This rhythm selection features recordings from 1971 until 1976 when he voiced the amazing Born For A Purpose/Still Alive at Channel One. You will hear here that he was big into recyling, often revisiting the same riddim several times. The Love Is LP from 1982 basically contained new or unreleased versions of older, familiar rhythm tracks. The 1979 Kings Bread (& accompanying Kings Bread Dub) album on Ital was pure roots. An outstanding 70's artist...


In the 1980's Alimantado was drawn more to singing rather than chanting and focused on solo production with much less success though he had an excellent eye for album art which helped maintain his popularity. He put out a series of dub albums entitled In The Mix into the 1990's. That material is not included here  


Friday Night Rewind on June 2021


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Its A Botanical Roots...


Mid-80's roots reggae classics

Selection of blazing roots & pre-digital dancehall from the years following Bob's passing when international reggae artists still enjoyed mainstream popularity. Luminaries like Black Uhuru, Sly & Robbie, Peter Tosh, Barrington Levi, Junior Reid, Half Pint, Ini Kamoze, Aswad, Misty In Roots, Freddie Mcgregor & Sugar Minott lead the way.. 

A really exciting period in the annuls of reggae music



Continuous mix 2 hours



Anyone remember Black Beat International?

I subscribed to this monthly magazine from my local newsagents as a youthman in the mid-80's - a vital link, keeping me in touch with what was happening stuck up there in rural Northumberland. It also came with superb full page posters & centrefolds to help cover my walls haha.. A glossy alternative to the weekly Black Echoes newpaper BBI likewise covered all forms of music of black origin and while not quite matching Echoes for depth of coverage, it was a pleasing, wonderfully presented publication that looked fab up there on the shop shelves back then in the golden era of printed media. Just seeing all these covers again brings it all back... So salute Black Beat International!

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Freddie Mcgregor Dennis Brown & Horace Andy early 45s at Studio One


Spotlighting the emergence of three reggae superstars at Coxsone Dodd's Studio One



Charting the singers earliest singles 1965 to 1973 along with many interesting b-sides.

Continuous mix 2 hours


 Freddie Mcgregor, known as Little Freddie, started out on harmonies with vocal group The Clarendonians from the age of 9 and also as half of the duo Fitzy & Freddie (both with Ernest Wilson) through the second half of the 60s. He went on to have his greatest successes later in the 1970s, notably with the Bobby Babylon & I Am Ready LPs. He continued to work with Dodd into the 1980s.

Another juvenile star Dennis Brown voiced No Man Is An Island back in 1969 at 12 years old. He stayed on at Brentford Road until 1972 and much of his work from that time was compiled into 2 Studio One LPs, No Man Is An Island & If I Follow My Heart.

Horace Andy got his breakthrough in 1970 aged 19, going on to have a string of hits with Dodd through the first half of the 70's most of which are spread over three LPs, including the essential Skylarking.

 Friday Night Rewind on 14 May 2021