Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Ariwa Lovers Rock Mad Professor & The Robotics


Kick back and relax with two hours of golden lovers rock from Mad Professor & Ariwa Records

We cool down the pace with long-play versions, including 12''s & dubs. Selections 1984-2018 but predominantly vintage 80s & 90s releases from back in the day led by top label artists Kofi, Sandra Cross, John Mclean & Aisha. Backing from the Robotics. Some real gems here.

Lovers rock: the heartbeat of the UK reggae community...


Continuous mix 2 hours




Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Virgin Islands Roots Unification Conference


Special unification Virgin Islands conscious reggae music conference
Ras Mamey & Paul Rootsical meet on
Three hours of choice selections by VI artists and producers. The deeply rooted & organic, often acoustic driven reggae music of the archipelago has a distinctive sound & feel that both sets it apart from and compliments the wider soundscape of Caribbean music. The work of 'prophet' Vaughn Benjamin & Midnite in particular stands out in a chapter of its own. Strictly conscious lyrics & positive vibes.

Producers: Zion High Productions, I Grade Records & Lustre Kings among others. Collaborations with many Jamaican & international artists who went over there to ketch some of the VI vibrations.

Continuous mix. 3 hours 



You gotta check out Ras Mamey regular show on hearticalfm.com

The Roots & Kulcha

every Thursday 20h. France / 7PM UK

The Flag Man's warm & earthy choice of roots reggae together with his fun delivery & live facebook VDO feeds make this one of the highlights of the week on the station. The cultural roots show...

Live from France.

Nuff raspect Ras tru bredren 💚💛💗


Jahvan I - Where I Come From From


The Golden Voice mixtape 2020

Royal Warriors Muzik showcase the music of talented Jamaican artist JAHVAN I

The singer-songwriter who hails from St Catherine has a melodic soprano voice, at times likened to Jah Mali & Ras Shiloh or Luciano & Bushman, and a preference for conscious, reflective & cultural song lyrics. Watch out for more from this exciting rising star in the near future... 

Producer Fadda Byr provides a rich soundtrack of contemporary new-roots, one-drop & dancehall riddim with the help of talented drummer Kirk Bennett from Jamaica & musicians from Martinique. Musical supervision by legendary Jamaican producer Clive Hunt.

Enjoy this uplifting selection

Also presenting the brand new single from JAHVAN I

WHERE I COME FROM out now on RWMuzik



On the irie one-drop Ikonomikal Live riddim

produced by Fadda BYR of Royal Warriors Muzik

An ode to his homeland Jamaica, Jahvan I takes us on a journey around the island exploring the legacy of Jamaican national heroes, extolling the people to ''make a national anthem and make it travel to the four corners of the world''...

Get it at 

 Also available on all streaming & download platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes) from Friday October 09 2020

RWMuzik on Facebook


Monday, October 12, 2020

Return To The Black Ark Chapters 1 & 2


Mighty Lee 'Scratch' Perry productions 1973/4-1979

Focus is strictly on the man's later works at the famous studio. Cream of the crop roots selection. A mix of classics & rare tracks from the Sleng Teng & Siamrootsical collections

Glorious vocal selections alongside nuff dub version & b-side, together with recordings by the few deejays who pass through. Upsetting the nations...

The 1st unity special on hearticalfm.com Oct. 2020




Continuous mix. Total 6 hours
Check out Paul Rootsical's FRIDAY NIGHT REWIND SHOW & THE OLDIES BUT GOODIES with Puppa Slengy each & every week for your weekly fix of upful reggae music. Its a Friday night jamboree!
Nuff respect to RSR
thanks for the inspiration man 👍👍

Wednesday, October 7, 2020



UNITY JAMBOREE on hearticalfm.com
this Friday
By special request we make a
Paul Rootsical meets Puppa Slengy
Selections from about 1974 to 1979
roots n culture with a little lovers
Get your rizzla ready!
We're making it a full evening from 6PM UK until late so come and join us, pop in the chatroom to share some vibes

nuff respect to RSL and rootsman Ben 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Uhuru Sounds of Wareika Hill

Spotlight on producer & trombonist
Calvin 'Bubbles' Cameron
as he celebrates 50 years making records
From his own releases on the UHURU label through to his most recent works with the WAREIKA HILL SOUNDS ensemble

Continuous mix 2 hours

Bubbles was raised in D'Aguilar Town, eastern Kingston, at the foot of Wareika Hill. He has played with Count Ossie's Mystical Revelation, Tommy McCook's Supersonics and, since the 1980s, with the Skatalites. The Uhuru label was established at the start of the 1970s to release his music & productions and is still in operation to date.
Features tracks from 2 compilation lps - More Peace On The Land and Uhuru Various Artiste. You can find them on the KINGSTON ROOTS BLOG
 Big thanks for the shares Kingston!
Kojak made a come back for his Now lp released in 2009 as did Eric Donaldson with an album in 2000
 While Pick Up The Pieces wasn't produced by Cameron it was released on Uhuru on pre

Wareika Hill Sounds bring an interesting and upful blend of roots reggae with mento, ska, kumina & nyahbinghi rhythms, drumming with African melodies. Their recent 12''s are on Honest Jon's Records

So big respect due to Calvin 'Bubbles' Cameron thank you for such refreshingly original music...
The Friday Night Rewind Show on hearticalfm.com

Thursday, September 17, 2020

We Can Make It (if we just hold on) feat. Nixon Omollo


We Can Make It
Friday Night Rewind on hearticalfm.com
11th September 2020 💗💛💚

Selection of new music. Guitarist & songwriter Nixon Omollo's excellent debut album How Long Must We Wait recorded in Addis Ababa 2017 takes centre stage.
Also see what Ras Nix is doing now on his website

Tracks from the long awaited new Richie Spice LP Together We Stand (VP) and Mortimer's outstanding Fight The Fight EP (Easy Star). Two superb singles from emerging Jamaican artist Anna Diane. Phillip Leo released Rolling River (Big Lion), his 1st album in a long time and its a scorcher. Great to hear a brand new single by the Mighty Diamonds too! 
Studio One legend Otis Gayle & 1980s UK ska outfit The Equators make sure that that old time something is still very much alive & kicking...


Continuous mix 2 hours

Linkup Re-Cordz brand new dub album Organic Fruits & Vegetable in Dub is out now with dubs of Luciano, Guinney Pepper, Bushman, Admiral Tibet, Shayne Amani & more... Check it out here

Nixon Omollo on amazon.co.uk

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Toots & The Maytals - Spiritual Healing

Toots left us yesterday but he made the world a much, much better place with his songs. This joyful record from 1984 has stayed with me right through the years.
Long live blessed music! Rest in Power Toots Hibbert

Toots & the Maytals live at the Bottomline NYC 1979

This is a barnstorming performance!


Saturday, August 29, 2020

How The West Was Won - Raggamuffin 90s

 Dash it in a cowboy style!
Early to mid 90s dancehall murderation...
Ruffneck MC action by the likes of Bounty Killer, Beenie Man,Tony Rebel, Merciless, Josey Wales, Capleton & the irrepressible Junior Cat. Five Star General, the Warlord Bounty Killer shoot from the hip, lawd have mercy!!!

Continuous mix 2 hrs

 Some seriously deadly Jammys riddim like the Cellular Phone aka Peanie Peanie, Money Money Money, Sleng Teng & 1994's kicking cut of the Shank-I-Shek. Other excursions on the Rope In (Penthouse/Shocking Vibes),Two Year Old (Digital B), Answer (Johnny Wonder) and the Murderer/Hot Milk (Time One/Madhouse). Multi artist collaboration Yardcore Collective's Can't Stop The Dance is a 20+ minute bashment unity call tour de force produced by Maureen Sheridan & Handel Tucker (One World 1993).
Ain't no stopping reggae music!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Random Early 1980s Roots-Dancehall Selection From the Vaults

Friday Night Rewind on hearticalfm.com August 2020
 Dipped into my 80s box for this session.
Essentially early 80s roots-dancehall vibes, many in a discomix style - vocal/dub/deejay - bit of a lovers flavour in parts.

Continuous mix 2hrs

Nuff respect & affection fi mi old friend, local Bradford sound system legend Papa Tiny. He passed away a few years ago now but wi haffi fly him flag still seen! His cut on the Shank-I-Sheck is stunning - Cooperation Between Black & White. Angela Baby made it to #2 in the UK reggae chart in 1982 (as he liked to remind us all hehehe) a bubble she a bubble she a bubble...
The big man is well remembered.

Two tracks each from the Maccabees Universal Showcase LP 1985 produced by Keith Wint, King Sounds' There is a Reward 1985 & Peter Broggs' Rastafari Liveth 1982. Also a pair of Dennis Browns on Taxi. Early tracks by Edi Fitzroy, Vivian Jones & The Uplifter. Greensleeves 1983 12'' If I Had Known/Welfare People by the great Ken Boothe.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Who Is Mr. Brown? Wailers Special 1968-72

In a mellow mood - time for some Peter, Bunny & Bob
 The Wailers were incredibly prolific in the years between leaving Studio One and signing for Island. Included here are no fewer than 70 key compositions but this is far from the full story. While of course Bob leads the way Peter & Bunny both also take turns on lead vocals. Productions from Lee Perry, Leslie Kong, Bunny Lee, Allan 'Skill' Cole + the Wailers themselves. Also included are some of Bob & Peter's solo work from that time (JAD, Joe Gibbs, Upsetter). Considered by some to be Bob Marley's best, most creative period. With the exception of two rock steady tracks on Wail 'N Soul 'M 1968 - Hurtin' Inside & Burial - this is a strictly reggae affair so lively up yourselves...

Friday Night Rewind on hearticalfm.com
every week 6PM UK time

Continuous mix 2.5 hours
(parts 1&2)


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Hot New Culture Releases Summer 2020

Selection of crucial fresh culture releases and promotionals summer 2020

Continuous mix 2 hours

Special thanks going out to Boomrush Promotions, RDX Promo, Puzzle Piece Music and Jan at Reggaewerx PR. Give thanks for sending all the promotional material, keep 'em coming ites...

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Militant Roots (Disco Mix Style) 4

Friday Night Rewind on hearticalfm.com
Another selection of mid-late 70s roots reggae in a discomix style. I pulled out some crucial Bunny Lee productions for a change led by Horace Andy & Johnny Clarke. Also some classic African Brothers & Jacob Miller.

Continuous mix 2 hours

Striker Lee riddim like the Don't Try To Use Me, This World, Love In My Heart & Natural Fact. Also the No One Can Tell I About Jah (Cry Tuff), I'm A Levi (Tree Roots), Conscious Man (Keyman), Roman Soldiers (Top Ranking), Take 5 (Fatman). A couple of my best 12''s - both sides of What Kind of World by Junior Byles on Observer & Revelation's heavenly With You Boy. Brent Dowe's Righteous Works on Freedom Sounds is stunning.