Sunday, August 22, 2021

Heartical Love & Respect Dubwise


Heartical Love Respect and DUB

Brand new/recent heavyweight rootsdub releases

Rootical and conscious vibrations 🔈🔉🔊

Interspersed as usual with a few upful & rightful vocal tracks.. Rhythm section step forward >>>

Friday Night Rewind on 8 Aug 2021



Continuous mix 2hrs 40


Tracks from the new Horace Andy collaboration LP Broken Beats. The new Zion Train album - Star of Hope features unreleased Dubs & projects. Tuff Scout's Out On The Floor Dub is a great album with nods to legendary UK record shops & labels. Zenzile & the Irie Ites meet Trinity 2021 marks a final outing by the great deejay himself 🔥🔥🔥

The Rootsman & Inspirational Sounds represent Bradford, carrying the city's great dub tradition (dub mi crazy!) forward in a 21st century style. Their 2018 EP Up North has 6 tracks all named after legendary 20th century West Indian venues & landmarks in town & the old 'frontline', ie. the Palm Cove Club, Checkpoint community centre, the Sugar Cane Club, the Young Lions cafe, Green Lane & the Perseverance (aka Percy - the once infamous frontline pub). Three tracks included here. Perhaps a counteraction 2 will namecheck more hotspots like the Railway Club, Ebonies, Mayflower Club, MAPA, Lumb Lane, Bibi's and other memorable places?? Too many to mention in a single EP 😄 Give thanks for the trip down memory lane ites
Get Up North at bandcamp

Singer & producer Messian 'Dubroom' Dread comes with 2 superb EP discomixes, one brand new & one from the archives. Conscious vocals & bubbling dubs! Catch his live sessions each Tuesday at 6PM UK/19h. Dutch time on His website: hear & d/l his new releases at Militant music with praises to jah jah...

I unashamedly pulled out a crop of tunes by name here - heartical - this is what we call selecting by song title 😆😆😆 who can feel must hear!

Big up all the hearticalfm crew...

thanks to all you promotors for sending us so many of these new releases 🙏



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    1. thought you might like this one, it went down well on the night. so good stuff coming out these days


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